Purdue Computes

As student interest in computing-related majors and the societal impact of artificial intelligence and chips continue to rise rapidly, Purdue has launched a new major initiative, Purdue Computes, consisting of three dimensions that will connect faculty and students from across the institution and enable the university to advance to the forefront with unparalleled excellence at scale.


As the Department of Computer Science celebrates its founding 60 years ago as the first in America, it will add 50 new faculty over the next five years, continue to grow its undergraduate and graduate programs, and looks toward a continued upward trajectory with the target of becoming one of the Top 10 computer science programs in the U.S. by the end of the decade. 

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Physical Artificial Intelligence

Purdue will focus on establishing itself as a leader in strategic areas of artificial intelligence at the intersection between the virtual and the physical, leveraging strengths in agricultural data, neuromorphic computing, deep fake detection, smart transportation data, AI-based manufacturing and others existing and new across the institution. The planned new university-wide institute will add 50 affiliated faculty over the next five years.

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Building on national recognition of its semiconductor degrees program, Purdue will further enhance our economic and workforce development pipeline and become a global epicenter of semiconductors research, learning and industry partnership with a planned $100 million upgrade to semiconductor facilities over the next few years and growth in education, research and industry partnerships. 

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