Workforce Development

Engineers and other scientists are needed to develop quantum technologies that could revolutionize the way we communicate, compute and sense the world around us. Purdue University is working to build a quantum workforce, using a diverse array of tools.

Purdue hosts the Quantum Science Center’s annual Quantum Summer School, which includes talks from industry, academia and government experts, as well as hands-on and applied exercises. Participants, primarily graduate and postdoctoral students, broaden and develop personal and business networks that will shape their careers and the future of the quantum workforce.

In partnership with the online learning platform edX, Purdue is offering a three-course program, the MicroMasters Program in Quantum Technology Computing, that allows students to gain familiarity with quantum science and technology.

This Innovation in Quantum Pedagogy, Application and its Relation to Culture (IQ-PARC) initiative, with $2,8M in support from the Department of Defense, creates and fosters a diverse community of intellectual engineers and scientists by providing the necessary education and resources to have fun inventing quantum activities and to share knowledge and excitement while interacting with quantum machines and concepts.

Educational Resources