Fact Sheet

What: Purdue’s first comprehensive urban campus 

Purdue University in Indianapolis is part of Purdue University West Lafayette, with multiple locations throughout the city of Indianapolis. It bookends America’s Hard Tech Corridor, which extends from West Lafayette through new investments in Lebanon’s LEAP Innovation District to downtown Indianapolis. It positions our students, faculty and staff in close proximity to top businesses and leading industries, providing new and unique executive education and internship opportunities. Its chief academic officer is David Umulis, senior vice provost and professor, who reports to Provost Patrick Wolfe, and its chief operating officer is Daniel Hasler, former Indiana secretary of commerce. 

Why: Economic growth, brain gain and job creation for Indiana 

Responding to repeated calls from the state we serve as its land grant institution, Purdue will invest in and partner with Indianapolis to together grow the tech-driven economy in central Indiana. We will expand enrollment. We will build startups. We will create new knowledge. We will maximize Indy’s unique strengths, including sports and biomedical technology. We will connect talents and industry. Boilermakers are excited to serve the people, businesses and communities of Indianapolis; to generate workforce, jobs and innovation together; and to build the most consequential engine of economic growth and brain gain in the Midwest. 

When: July 1, 2024 

Purdue University in Indianapolis will launch July 1, 2024, at which point Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) will cease to exist. Purdue University and Indiana University agreed in summer 2022 to begin the process of creating two independent university structures in Indianapolis, and the respective boards of trustees of each university voted June 14, 2023, to finalize this agreement. Current IUPUI students seeking Purdue University degrees will continue their existing plans of study and receive Purdue degrees for completion of their current requirements.   

Where: Throughout the city of Indianapolis 

We will independently operate a 28-acre new site, in addition to current engineering and technology buildings offering nearly 150,000 square feet of space to support research, teaching and learning. We will also create additional locations throughout Indianapolis. To contribute to the civic life of our city and community, and recognizing the historical significance of the area surrounding Indiana Avenue, we pledge our full support to the Indiana Avenue Certified Strategic Plan.  

How: Expanding enrollments, offering new degrees and maintaining frozen tuition

Purdue University has achieved excellence at scale, ranking among the top four U.S. universities in agriculture, graduate engineering and number of utility patents and, across all leading American universities, as No. 1 in undergraduate STEM enrollment. That level of achievement now extends to all parts of Indianapolis. Responding to the strong need expressed by central Indiana business and community leaders for more highly skilled talents in science, technology, engineering and health care disciplines, we will ambitiously grow enrollment to establish a new pipeline of Boilermaker talent to our capital city. Degrees granted and tuition will exactly mirror those in West Lafayette – and all degrees, programs, departments, schools and colleges will be eligible to be considered for a Purdue University in Indianapolis presence. 

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