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An executive advisory committee has been formed and is meeting frequently over the course of the study to provide guidance and recommendations to Purdue and Duke Energy on three key fronts: safety, regulatory processes and research.

The executive advisory committee consists of the following expert leaders from the public and private sectors:

  • Mung Chiang, Purdue University president
  • Arden Bement, Purdue’s David A. Ross Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
  • William Dudley Jr., Bechtel Group vice chairman and former CEO
  • Carlos Hernandez, former CEO, Fluor Corp.
  • Maria Korsnick, Nuclear Energy Institute president and CEO
  • William D. Magwood, IV, Nuclear Energy Agency Director-General
  • Stan Pinegar, Duke Energy state president, Indiana
  • Luis Reyes, former executive, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Additionally, three principals in charge have been appointed to ensure the successful execution of the study:

  • Michael B. Cline, senior vice president of administrative operations at Purdue
  • Seungjin Kim, the Capt. James F. McCarthy Jr. and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head and Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue
  • Chris Nolan, vice president of new nuclear generation at Duke Energy

The principals in charge will be supported by a utility technical group — consisting of operational leaders from Purdue and Duke Energy — and a nuclear technical advisory group — consisting of technical specialists in nuclear energy from Purdue and the private sector.

Other subject matter experts in decarbonization and renewable energy will be consulted as needed throughout the course of the study.