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October 1, 2019 | For the campus and community

All-way stop removed from State Street and MacArthur Drive intersection, pedestrian signal reinstated

The pedestrian signal located at the intersection of State Street and MacArthur Drive is in working order after previously being disabled for repairs. As a result, the all-way traffic stop that was temporarily in place at that intersection was removed today (Oct. 1), and signs were added to alert all forms of transportation to the change.

Traffic safety

With this configuration in place, pedestrians should utilize the push buttons on the signal, wait to cross until the signal is activated and check traffic carefully as motorists readjust to the change. Motorists should yield to pedestrians, according to the signal phases outlined below.  

Bicyclists should utilize the designated bike path at the intersection. They may operate on roadways with motorists when bike paths are not present, and all traffic signals and signs must be obeyed.

Pedestrian signal phases

As a reminder, the flashing yellow signal alerts motorists that the signal has been activated. A solid yellow signal allows for clearance of vehicles from the crosswalk. Solid red indicates motorists are to stop so pedestrians may cross the roadway. A flashing red signal allows for pedestrians to clear the crosswalk, and motorists can then proceed when the way is clear.

Questions may be directed to Kristi Brown, senior construction project manager, at (765) 494-7183 or