Administrative Operations Archives act as stewards for inactive AO design and construction records. Our staff collect, maintain, preserve and provide access to records and information about the physical environment dating back to the early days of the University. The materials and information in the Archives collection are used to aid in the planning, design and maintenance of the University’s physical environment and its assets.

Additional archive records are maintained by the Libraries Archives and Special Collections Research Center.

Visits to the AO Archives

In order for our historical records to remain intact and usable by AO staff for their intended purposes, those wishing to visit the Archives or review materials contained within the vault area are asked to do the following: 

  • Schedule a visit in advance. This allows staff time to prepare for the visit as some materials are difficult to find, unavailable, fragile or located off-site.

  • Complete the Mapping/GIS/Records Request Form (PDF) so staff can better address your needs.

  • Sign in and out on the visitor's log and include your name and the date, time and reason for your visit.

  • Ask for assistance retrieving materials in the upper cabinet drawers or those that are fragile.

Because of the nature of these documents, the following items or actions are not permitted in the vault/Archives areas:

  • Food or liquids

  • Ink pens

  • Any writing instrument that produces red markings (e.g. red pencils, ink pens or markers)

  • Marking on any original document or record

  • Photographing materials without prior permission from the Associate Director of Facilities Information Services

  • Removing items from the vault/Archives area without prior permission from appropriate AO staff

Submitting a Request

Complete and submit the Mapping/GIS/Records Request Form (PDF) to obtain information related to buildings, mapping, GIS information or archival records.