2024 Focus Award Recipient - Faculty

Dr. Kwangsoo Park

Dr. Kwangsoo Park is the Associate Dean of the College of Business and Director of the White Lodging School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, both at Purdue Northwest’s Hammond campus.

Dr. Park’s research interests include disability accessibility in the event, hospitality, and tourism industry; quality of life and event management; and event management research trends. He serves as an industry expert providing guidance in planning accessible travel. 

The goal of Dr. Park’s research is to reduce prejudice about disability, and Dr. Park has been quoted as saying that he is “thrilled to create an environment where our students thrive, and our faculty and staff find happiness and fulfillment.”  The effects of Dr. Park’s efforts extend beyond our campuses.  Dr. Park’s work has helped the industry make evidence-based adjustments to how it serves people with disabilities and their families.  His efforts have influenced restaurants, hotels, and events to be accessible – including to those who have seemingly “invisible” – but still very real – disabilities.