Purdue Regional Campus Student Participation

Regional campus students may wish to participate in opportunities to study abroad via West Lafayette campus.  This option is typically available on Departmental (faculty-led) programs.  Please note that each program has its own eligibility requirements, and the department must approve regional campus participation.  There is VERY LIMITED, if any, opportunity to participate in an exchange or Purdue-administered program through PWL.

Determining eligibility:

Departmental (faculty-led) programs - Student should contact the program leader listed on the web flyer to verify the program is open to non-PWL students.  There are some programs that have major specific or on campus requirements that may not allow non-PWL student participation.

All other program types - Students should contact a study abroad advisor prior to submitting an application to verify the program may accept regional campus students.  Based on agreement requirements, limited exchange spots and various fees, it may be more feasible for a student to apply directly to the university or program. 


1.  Using your MyPurdue Account

Regional campus students must have a career account alias and password in order to log in and apply for Study Abroad. Students that do not have their career account and password set up must contact the Study Abroad Office directly to retrieve a password in order to apply.

2. Review and approval

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Program Leader for each Departmental program or the appropriate Associate Director of Study Abroad for all other program types.

3.  Transferring to West Lafayette Campus

The Purdue WL Study Abroad Office will coordinate with the Admissions Office to create a Purdue West Lafayette account which will allow registration at the PWL location for the study abroad term only.

3.  Course Registration

The Study Abroad Office will complete registration at the West Lafayette location. The student will then log into their "myPurdue" account to confirm their registration. Students will be billed by the West Lafayette Bursar’s Office.  Depending on the type of program, the student will be assessed a study abroad fee or Purdue WL tuition plus program fees as applicable. Program costs may be found on the web-flyer for each program.

4.  Course Approval

All Departmental programs have pre-assigned courses and credits offered on the program.  Participation in non-Departmental programs would require students to work with a West Lafayette Study Abroad Liaison to complete a course approval form.

Students will meet with their home campus academic advisor to learn how the courses will fulfill major, minor, and elective requirements. The student and advisor need to keep in mind that the course work completed abroad will be transferred back using West Lafayette course numbers for the study abroad period. 

5.  Financial Aid

Students will work with their home campus in making arrangements to continue receiving financial aid. Study Abroad will sign and forward to the West Lafayette DFA any required documents for financial aid. Regional campus DFA offices should contact PWL DFA directly for any questions or documentation.

6.  Scholarships

Students should check with their regional campus study abroad office to inquire about scholarships.  There is also a list of "General Scholarships" available on the PWL study abroad site. These scholarships are not administered by PWL, and students should research the listing to determine if they meet eligibility requirements.  Please note that the "Purdue Moves Scholarship" is only available to PWL degree-seeking UG students.

7.  West Lafayette Study Abroad Requirements

Regional campus students must submit all forms on the My Study Abroad page and complete the online orientation. They are encouraged to attend pre-departure meetings held on the West Lafayette campus. 

8.  Transcripts

Work completed abroad will be posted to the student’s West Lafayette transcript for the term of study abroad.  Students from PNW and IPFW are “transcript” by Purdue, so the course number, credits, and grades will be posted directly to the existing academic record and your study abroad destination will appear in the header for the given semester. Students from IUPUI are “transcript” by Indiana University; those students will need to make arrangements for the transfer of credits and grades from the Purdue transcript that they will receive to the IUPUI transcript. Differences in course numbers and content in specific departments will need to be handled by the student and the home campus academic departments.