Non-Purdue Students Applying to Study Abroad

If you are not currently enrolled at Purdue University but you want to participate in a Purdue Departmental Study Abroad Program, you must follow the steps below BEFORE signing up for the program. 

IMPORTANT:  This entire process takes about two weeks. Don't wait until the last minute to complete these steps or you may not be able to participate in your chosen Purdue program.

1) Obtain approval form the program leader that the specific program will allow non-Purde p

1)  Apply for admission to Purdue University West Lafayette by submitting a nondegree application form. There is a $60 nonrefundable processing fee required. Students should make the following selections on the application:

  • Campus:  Main Campus – West Lafayette (PWL)
  • College:  Temporary (ND)
  • Major:  Nondegree Temporary Undergraduate

2)  Once you have been informed that you are admitted to Purdue University, you will need to activate your career account login name and create a password; instructions for this will be provided with your admission information.

3)  With your new login name and password you will be able to access the study abroad enrollment form.  Complete the form online and then email the program leader that you have done so.

After enrolling in the program, follow the instructions of the program leader concerning predeparture meetings and other details.  During the semester before the program takes place, the study abroad office will register you for the program's course number.  After you've been registered, the Purdue Bursar’s Office will email you an invoice for the program fees.

If you have questions or problems with any of these steps, please email the program leader.

*Non-degree admissions will not be granted for winter session programs.