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PURA News - November 2015

NEW Retirees Impressed with the Discovery Learning Research Center & the Voss Model

NEW Retirees Attend Symposium on Optimizing Functional Ability

NEW Nominations for Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award

Roy Johnson, Voice of the Band – to be honored at November 7 Homecoming


Wellness Screenings Offered November 9 & 16
United Way Donations Still Accepted, through November 11
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Mark your Calendars!  Upcoming Events

   Nov. 2 PURA Monthly Luncheon, MCL Cafeteria, 11am
     Speaker:  Deba Dutta, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
   Nov. 7 Purdue Homecoming honoring Roy Johnson
   Nov. 9 Wellness Screening at Lyles-Porter Hall, with hearing and ankle brachial screening, 9am -1pm
   Nov. 11 Veterans Day
   Nov. 16 Wellness Screening at Westminster  -  8am -1pm
   Nov. 26 Happy Thanksgiving Day
   Dec. 7 PURA Monthly Luncheon, MCL Cafeteria, 11am
     Speaker: Ned Derhammer; Topic: Battle of the Bulge

Retirees Attend Symposium on Optimizing Functional Ability

Twenty-two PURA members attended the symposium, Optimizing Functional Ability in Later Life, on October 2 with graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty from various disciplines. After enjoying a good, healthy breakfast buffet and viewing the interesting research posters displayed, the attendees heard two excellent and inspiring speakers. Dr. Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, University of Illinois, spoke on Optimal Functional Ability Later Life –The role of Healthy Lifestyles.  He described the development of interest in exercise and policy through the years. His personal and fun examples had the attention of everyone. Active aging is essential to all aspects of our life and our society.  Speaking on Supporting Older Adults’ Functional Goals through Person-Environment Fit: The CAPABLE Studies, Dr.Sarah L. Szanton of John Hopkins University stressed the importance of the goals of the individual in making changes in lifestyle.  Patients with health challenges are often held back by the physical conditions in their home.  Examples from the CAPABLE study with Medicaid patients illustrated the importance of nurses, therapists, and handy men working together to facilitate reaching the goals of the patient.  Everyone attending the symposium learned helpful information they can apply to their own life.

A video of the symposium presentations will be available at www.purdue.edu/aging after October 19.  In 2016 the symposium will be September 15 – 16.

The symposium was sponsored by Purdue’s Center on Aging and the Life Course with the School of Nursing and PURA as co-sponsors.  The symposium received a grant to help fund this event from the PURA Activities and Opportunities Endowment Fund.

Retirees Impressed with the Discovery Learning Research Center and the VOSS Model

Thirty-five retirees were quite impressed with the PURA Campus and Community tour on September 22. We first toured the Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC) that was designed to house research spaces to explore and study innovations in education. The facility is made for flexibility according to Dr. Jim Lehman, Director of DLRC. Walls and furniture can be arranged into different configurations and lighting and audio components can be easily moved to improve the learning environment and student interaction for any given class, lab, or meeting. The retirees were quite interested in the open grid instead of a ceiling in two rooms. This grid enables lighting, props, etc. to be easily accessed and changed. The goal of this facility is to provide space for projects that will lead to innovations in teaching and learning.

The retirees then went outside to see the awesome VOSS (Visiting Our Solar System) Model that is located just behind DLRC.  The sculpture is named in honor of the late Janet Voss, a Purdue astronaut who flew on five shuttle missions. The idea for the sculpture was conceived by EPICS, a community-service based course, students who worked with an Indianapolis artist and construction firm on design and location.  It took seven years to become reality. The model of the sun stands 30 feet in diameter while Saturn is 4 feet and Earth is 6 inches. The scale model follows a Fibonacci Spiral Path, allowing viewers to journey through the solar system, stopping at each planet’s plaza. Tim Strueh, EPICS advisor, and his students showed us around the model and answered many questions. Be sure to take your children and grandchildren on a trip through our solar system by visiting the VOSS Model.

Nominations for Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award

The request for nominations for the Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award will soon be announced. This award is to recognize any department, program, school/college, program, division, entity, or program that promotes continuing involvement with Purdue retirees. Purdue retirees do the nominating. Look for nomination information in the next PURA NEWS and for forms at the November and December MCL meetings.

Reminder: November 9 & 16 Free Wellness Screenings

Free wellness screenings will take place Monday, November 9th at Lyles-Porter Hall from 9am-1pm.  There will be Ankle Brachial Indexing to check for circulatory and/or peripheral vascular disease, finger sticks for cholesterol, high density lipoprotein and glucose, and fitness assessments. On November 16th wellness screenings will take place in the basement at Westminster from 8am-1pm.  Please feel free to call Chris Rearick at 765-496-0308 to schedule any of the above screenings. You may also email any questions to her at crearick@purdue.edu.

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United Way Donations Still Accepted

There’s still time to donate to the United Way of Greater Lafayette.  Donations are accepted through November 11, 2015.

PURA’s part of the Purdue campaign is very important, making up a large part of the total donations from the Purdue family. A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated.  If your donation is a first time one and/or one greater by $100 over last year's donation, it will be matched by an Eli Lilly Endowment, in effect doubling your contribution. There are several ways to donate: Thank you for your support.    PURDUE LIVES UNITED!

1) You may send a check payable to United Way of Greater Lafayette to:
Purdue United Way
Purdue Memorial Union, Room 103B
101 N Grant St.
West Lafayette, IN 47906-3574.
Please indicate on your check it is from a PURA member.

2) You may call the Purdue United Way office at 765-494-9240 if you wish to donate by credit card.

3) You may donate online via: http://www.uwlafayette.org/givenow-purdue.html

4) You can download a blank pledge form and return it to:
Dauch Alumni Center, United Way
403 West Wood Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
To download: http://www.purdue.edu/unitedway/pledgeforms.html

Roy Johnson, The Voice of the Band

Roy Johnson, The Voice of the Band

On November 7, Roy Johnson will be honored at Purdue’s 2015 Homecoming celebration.

In 1956 Roy Johnson arrived in West Lafayette, joined the Purdue Military Marching Band and found himself a member of the Big Bass Drum Crew. It was the beginning of a 60-year association. Roy later marched with his clarinet and was a member of the symphony orchestra. As a senior, he served as executive officer assisting with drill writing.

After receiving his B.S. and M.S. in engineering, he served as a residence hall counselor, as a supervisor of academic affairs, on the commencement committee and as the commencement orator. During this time, Roy’s commitment to Purdue bands and orchestra expanded. Joining the staff in 1966, he helped design the new uniforms, conducted nearly 140 concerts, traveled to bowl games, Radio City Music Hall, many lands, and became the “Voice of the Band”.

Of course he didn’t do this all alone, but had help from his wife, Sarah. Together they became unofficial parents to the young musicians, opening their home to feed them every semester, supplying them with Chicago symphony tickets and traveling with them on band trips.

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