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Latest News for Purdue Retirees

PURA Officers, 2014-2015

President, Dan Collins
Vice President, Olivia Bennett Wood
Secretary-Treasurer, Melinda Bain
Historian, Carolyn Jones
Past President, Robert Bain

Coming in 2015:  NEW Communications to PURA Members

Your PURA board is excited to share with you a new communications plan slated for “roll out” in 2015! As you know we currently communicate via a Newsletter mailed  four times a year, e-mails and local mailings to those with these addresses on file, and the PURA web site.  Additionally we mail special communications to cover topics such as benefits and health insurance enrollment, flu shots, etc. 

Starting in 2015 we anticipate publishing and mailing the traditional newsletter format only once a year, probably in late summer.  New will be 10 to 12 monthly communication releases. The monthly releases will be mailed to local members without an e-mail address on file, e-mailed to all members with an e-mail address on file, and available for all members via a link to the PURA web site.  We are excited about this new venture as we will be able to deliver the most current PURA news more quickly than the traditional Newsletter format. At this time we anticipate the first new communication piece will happen later this spring. 

We need your help!  Receipt of this more timely communication piece depends on having correct mailing and e-mail addresses of our members.  Encourage fellow PURA members to file their addresses with us at hr@purdue.edu .  Post a note on the refrigerator to regularly check the PURA web site!  If you are not on file with a mailing or e-mail address and/or do not wish to be, your access to the monthly communication piece will be via a link on the PURA web site at www.purdue.edu/retirees.  Once the new monthly release rolls out, we invite your comments and input on the new communication “system” as we will continually monitor and work to improve on it. Thank you for your attention and help with this new initiative!

Benefit News: PURcare Household Billing Process Starting July 1, 2015

PURcare members (UnitedHealthcare Senior Supplement plus Medicare Rx Part D) will have an improved billing process effective July 1, 2015. The Benefits Committee of PURA has asked UnitedHealthcare (UHC) for the past several years to look into a household billing plan. The insurance company has agreed to implement a one payment per household, or per member, process starting on July 1, 2015. We believe the new arrangement will result in fewer errors and lower processing costs which should help reduce or slow down the increases in administrative costs included in our premiums.  For more information, click here.

Mark Your Calendars!
Information on PURA's Special Spring Events

A reception for PURA's first Common Read with author Angie Klink and Betty Nelson – one of the past Deans featured in The Deans' Bible – will be held at 2 p.m. on Monday, March 30, in West Lafayette Public Library's second floor meeting room. Nick Schenkel will lead a discussion immediately afterwards. Parking is available in the library's parking lot across the street from the library.

The Purposeful Living in Retirement program is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at the Beck Conference Center. More information will be sent out and on the internet as soon as plans are finalized.

Purdue University's Spring Fling will happen on May 21, 2015. PURA will be meeting participants at the West Entrance of the Cordova Co-Rec. More information will be posted on the internet as plans are finalized.

The PURA fall kickoff luncheon will be held on September 14, 2015. More information will be placed on this website as plans are finalized.


From United Healthcare

Effective January 1, 2015 United Healthcare has implemented a new billing process for the payment of premiums for health insurance plans.

All Purdue Retirees with health insurance plans though your Purdue Retirees Association provided by United Healthcare should have received a mailing from United Healthcare informing you of the change.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. If I have paid my premiums in the past through EFT or electronic fund transfers from my bank do I need to do anything? NO, your premiums will continue to be deducted from your bank on the fifth of each month. But you will continue to receive monthly invoices which will serve only as a reminder that the funds due will be deducted from your account on the fifth day of the month and that members should make sure adequate funds are in the account to avoid over drafting.
  2. If I pay for the entire year by check, will I continue to receive monthly billings? After you pay for the entire year you will receive one additional invoice showing that nothing more is due for the rest of the year.
  3. What does the “Go Paperless” statement on the invoices mean? This statement is a standard statement made by United Healthcare on all invoices to encourage retirees to utilize the EFT or credit card payment method.
  4. Can the invoices be combined for one check or payment? Not at this time! Your Benefits committee of PURA has negotiated a process to start on July 1, 2015 that is to combine all invoices for a household into one invoice. More information will be provided to you prior to this change. We believe this will save money in processing and help avoid errors.
  5. Further questions should be directed to Kate LaMar, Purdue Human Resources, klamar@purdue.edu, 765-494-1694.

PURA 2015-2016 Elections

The purposed slate of PURA officers was announced at the January and February luncheon meetings. At the March meeting, PURA members will vote on the officer slate. The 2015-16 slate is:

President – Olivia Wood
Vice-President – Melinda Bain
Secretary – Deborah Dimmitt
Treasurer – Bob Bain
Historian – Carolyn Jones
Past-President – Dan Collins

Free Wellness Screenings Continue and Offer More for Purdue Retiree’s and Spouses

Free Purdue Retiree and spouse wellness screenings will continue in the spring semester.  Screenings will take place at our new clinical building, Lyles-Porter Hall, located on Harrison and University. Lyles-Porter is the new home for the Department of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences, Nursing Center for Family Health, Ismail Center for Health Exercise, Nutrition, Nutritional Training, Psychology Research and Indiana University Medical School. A parking garage is attached to Lyles-Porter. We are located on the first floor.

Along with the usual wellness screening, retirees will be offered free Fitness Assessments completed by 3rd and 4th year Applied Exercise and Health Students. Speech Hearing and Language Sciences will be offering free hearing screenings along with speech and swallow screenings. Nurse Practitioner students will offer a variety of services such as skin cancer screenings, ear and foot checks. Indiana University medical students will participate by conducting wellness physicals.

Purdue retirees and their spouses are able to have one free wellness screening per year by Purdue School of Nursing. Come support the students and see our newest building. To schedule an appointment and choose your screenings you may email Chris Rearick, MSN, RN at crearick@purdue.edu or call her and leave a message at 765-496-0308. Fasting is not necessary and appointment times vary depending on your screening choices.  Screenings are available to the community for $40.00.  Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted. Dates are as follows and more dates may be added.


Monday Luncheon Series

We hope you will join us at the MCL Cafeteria in West Lafayette on March 2, 2015. You will have an opportunity to visit with friends and to learn about Purdue University's theatre program from Department Chair Joel Ebarb. Lunch is available from 11:00 a.m., and the program begins at 11:50 in the Purdue Room. See you then!