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Latest News for Purdue Retirees

Purdue University Retirees Association Health Insurance Plans
Renewed for 2015 with only a 5% premium increase

The Benefits Committee of the Purdue University Retirees Association (PURA) has renewed the PURcare and Medicare Advantage PPO Health Insurance Plans with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) for 2015. Negotiations produced an overall 5% increase in the premium for the PURcare plan (Senior Supplement with Vision benefit and Part D Prescription coverage) and a 5% increase in the premium for the Medicare Advantage PPO plan by overcoming some major price increases - from the continuing impact of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, subsidy reductions from Medicare, and a surge in prescription drug costs.

There will be no changes in benefits of either plan.

PURcare, the Purdue sponsored Senior Supplement plus Part D plan, participated in by over 2200 Purdue Retirees, will continue for 2015 with the same medical/vision and prescription drug benefits as in 2014. The rise in the premium for the PURcare plan was totally driven by increases in drug costs and a Center for Medicare Services (CMS) requirement, put into place in 2013, that compelled maximum copays for retail and mail order drugs. This requirement resulted in a significantly richer benefit for our member (lowering prescription costs for many drugs). This change coupled with the utilization of several new and very expensive specialty drugs, often used to treat cancer, has driven our drug utilization costs up significantly.

PURcare drug premiums for 2013-14 did not keep pace with these added costs; during these two years, premiums plus co-pays did not cover the costs of the drug plan. To pay for these added costs for 2015, the premium for prescription drugs would have increased by 40% without some concessions from UHC. UnitedHealthcare will absorb the increased costs they had for 2013 and 2014 due to our contract and have agreed to make concessions on the increase of premiums for 2015-2017. UHC agreed to make these allowances due to the fact that they did not inform us of the potential cost changes when we negotiated 2014 so that we could have prepared our members for this increase; the fact that our drug costs for previous years was lower than expected trend costs; and the fact that they desired to keep our business as we have been good customers.

Despite these concessions, the premium of $94.69 is a 16% increase. But when coupled with a 0% increase for the supplement premium of $181.53, the resulting overall premium increase will be 5% over 2014, well below the industry trends. The PURcare total premium for medical/vision and prescription coverage for 2015 will be $276.22/member/month.

Even with this increase, the rate is only $1.70 per month higher than the rates we had for 2012 and lower than the 2010 premium by $6.34. We can expect increases in the Part D premium for the next two years until the premium plus the co-pays cover for the costs of the plan.

Members with Rx coverage from the Veterans Administration - for 2015 the PURcare supplement-only premium will continue to be $181.53/member/month.

The Medicare Advantage PPO Plan will have the same medical and prescription benefits as in 2014 with no change in co-pays or the Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum of $3000. The reduction of Medicare subsidies to these plans nationwide due to the Affordable Care Act and the major increases in some drug costs is totally responsible for any increase in premiums. The 5% increase is well below the industry trend and remains a good buy for our members. The reduction of subsidy from Medicare started last year and will continue until the plans are not subsidized by Medicare in the year of 2020. Good news, Purdue Retirees residing in any of the 92 counties in Indiana are now eligible to participate in this plan.

For 2015, the premium will be $208.49/member/month.

New ID card for 2015 Medicare Advantage PPO
UnitedHealthcare is changing your plan number for 2015. This does not change your access to care. Members in this plan will receive a letter of explanation from UHC and a new 2015 member ID card.

Members enrolled in either of the retiree group plans who do not want to make a change: your coverage will automatically continue for 2015 – no re-enrollment. If you decide to terminate your Purdue Retiree group coverage for a non-Purdue plan, you will not be able to join again at a later time.

• The PURcare medical plan (UnitedHealthcare Senior Supplement), including vision care, will continue with the same benefits and with the same premium for 2015 of $181.53 per member per month as 2014. The medical premium has been down or stable for the past four years with the 2013 rate at $191.02 per member per month down from the $199.47 for 2012. We are really beating the national trend.

• The PURcare Prescription Drug coverage (Part D) continues with open formulary, no step therapy, and no “donut hole” for a rate of $94.69 per month per member. This means that any FDA approved drug prescribed by your doctor is covered. The reasons for the increase were explained earlier in this document. With these changes the committee found that the rates are very competitive when all costs are considered.

• For 2015 your share of prescription drug costs will remain at 50% for local pharmacies and 45% for mail orders with maximum co-pays. True-Out-of-Pocket maximum costs will be $4,550, which represents the Medicare-determined amount for the Standard Medicare Part D catastrophic threshold. Once this threshold is reached, prescription drugs are covered at 100% for the remainder of the year.

• Annual deductible for hospital/medical treatments will continue to be $300.00. After this level is reached, all Medicare-approved costs, including hospitalization, outpatient services, skilled nursing facility, home health care, and other benefits, will be covered at 100% for the remainder of the year, plus up to $150 per year for Vision care. • PURcare members must continue to be enrolled in both the medical and prescription drug plans to be eligible to participate in this plan. An exception is made for members with VA benefits for prescription coverage.

Special Notes from the Benefits Committee on frequently asked questions:

1. Medicare does not cover medical costs when you travel outside the US, but PURcare does. Please read information on this coverage in materials that you will receive from United Healthcare.

2. Most providers of vision care services do not file for insurance payments, so it is up to the member to file, utilizing the form provided by UnitedHealthcare. We recommend that you file your own claim even if the provider offers to file for you. If you have questions contact Kate LaMar.

3. While Medicare pays for many Home Health Care services, PURcare coverage provides an additional $5,000 per year for coverage of doctor-prescribed services. Please read the UHC material for more information or call Kate LaMar in Purdue Human Resources for assistance.

4. Females: Screening for cervical and vaginal cancers, including Pap tests and pelvic exams, are covered by Medicare Part B once every 24 months. Bone density tests are also covered by Medicare Part B once every 24 months, and mammograms are covered once every 12 months. Please check the time from your last procedure to make sure you are eligible. Males: PSA blood tests and digital rectal exams are covered by Medicare Part B once every 12 months. In each case, participants should make sure their doctors code the test correctly.

Veteran Administration Eligible Members:
For 2015, the PURcare medical-only premium will be $181.53 per month.

New UHC Account Executive representing UHC and continued service of Health Insurance Consultants:
The Benefits Committee worked with a new United Healthcare Account Executive, Lynn Groff, during the negotiation process. Lynn was very responsive to requests for data and information on a timely basis and was assisted by Vice President Greta Redmon in our discussions. In consultation with PURA, Purdue University continued the services of a consultant to assist the Benefits Committee in negotiations and in obtaining information needed to renew the insurance coverage. AonHewitt and Associates, Chicago, IL represented by Laurie Cooper and Rich Yurkowitz were of great assistance with the process. We appreciate the support of Purdue Human Resources in making this service available.

Purdue Human Resources Support Continues:
PURA members continue to receive outstanding support from Purdue Human Resources. We specifically rely on secretarial help from Michele Salla. Our full time support person for health insurance is Kate LaMar. Please phone or contact Kate with questions at klamar@purdue.edu or 765-494-1694.

PURA Officers, 2014-2015

President, Dan Collins
Vice President, Olivia Bennett Wood
Secretary-Treasurer, Melinda Bain
Historian, Carolyn Jones
Past President, Robert Bain

Time to get your free flu shot!

Purdue University is providing seasonal flu shots on the West Lafayette campus for its official retirees and their spouses/same-sex domestic partners. You don’t need an appointment. Just walk in when it’s convenient, bring your PUID and get your flu shot. It’s that simple!

October 9 and 10
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Daniel Turfgrass Research & Diagnostic Center (1340 Cherry Lane)
LOCATION: The Turfgrass Center is located off Cherry Lane, next to the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex.
PARKING: Use any space in front of the Turfgrass Center.

October 14
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Purdue Technology Center, 3000 Kent Avenue, West Lafayette
LOCATION: The Purdue Technology Center is located in the Purdue Research Park.
PARKING: Use any visitor space in front of the Center.

Questions? Call 494-2222.

Wow! Does Cordova Recreational Sports Center have great deals for you!

With eligiblity for Silver Sneakers on the PURA healthcare program, you can exercise at Co-Rec virtually any time the building is open! No additional charge!

For the modest sum of $20 a semester, those who have Group X, Limited Retiree Pass, can participate in many classes that happen before 2 PM on weekdays or any time on weekends. These classes are particularly recommended for senior users:

Tai Chi
Aqua Zumba (Rec Pool - Water Fitness Class)
H20 Body Blast (Rec Pool - Water Fitness Class)
Deep Water Fitness Class (Aquatic Center)
Yoga for a Healthy Back
Deep Water Fitness Class (Aquatic Center)
Restorative Yoga
Sunrise Cycling

9:30am, Mondays
12:15pm, Mondays
9:30am, Tuesdays
12:00pm, Tuesdays
9:30am, Wednesdays
12:00pm, Thursdays
7:30pm, Sundays
9:00am, Saturdays
6:30am, Monday-Thursday

If you would like to have access to all Group X classes (there are over 70/week) a $45 pass will give you access to additional classes in meditation, restorative yoga and yoga foundations.

To use the Cordova Recreational Sports Center as a Silversneakers PURA Health Insurance participant, either take your current Silversneakers card plus your Purdue ID, or, if you do not have a Silversneakers card, take your PURA United Healthcare medical card and your Purdue ID to the registration desk to get instructions on using the facility. If you do not have a Purdue ID, take a photo ID with you and the registration desk will put you in the system.

PURA Trips and Tours Committee Sponsors Final Fall Trip

Fiddler on the Roof 11/12/14

Fiddler on the Roof! PURA members and their guests can join PURA Trips and Tours and Imperial Travel on November 12, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

Travel with fellow theater aficonados from Frankfort and Lebanon for a Beef and Boards buffet luncheon and the performance of one of the greatest all-time musicals, Fiddler on the Roof. Winner of several Tony awards when it first hit Broadway in 1964, this heartfelt story will be enjoyed by all. The cost for this wonderful theater outing is only $59.95!

For reservations to attend this exciting event, call Imperial and make for reservation at 447-9321 or 800-642-6645 – or send an email to ImperialTravel@comcast.net. Be sure to tell them you want to be on the PURA 10 a.m. bus trip for lunch and Fiddler on the Roof!

PURA Campus and Community Committee Sponsors Three Fall Activities


PURA members, friends and relatives: Y'all come to a Pickleball Clinic on October 23 at Co-Rec, 9-11 AM, courtesy of PURA's Campus and Community Activities Committee. Never heard of Pickleball? Don't know what it is? According to PURA member Joan Mohr Samuels, "Pickleball is a fun and healthy exercise for people of any age, including us retirees," a good reason for PURA members and friends to get on board. At Co-Rec, badminton and pickleball share some of the same courts and the court dimensions are similar, but the net is lower, the paddles are smaller, and the ball is plastic, with holes and no feathers.

To participate on 10/23, just show up at the Co-Rec desk, mention that you want to attend the Pickleball Clinic. You'll be directed to the lower gym, where pickleball players will demonstrate how to play doubles with four players per court. Copies of the rules will be available, and you'll be shown how to lower the nets if they are set for badminton.

Lockers. If you are a Silver Sneakers member, bring a lock (and towel, if you care to shower after exercising) and use one of the many Day Lockers at no charge. If you have an A parking, pass you will find ample parking north and west of Co-Rec.

Tour of Co-Rec. At the end of the Pickleball Clinic, you can tour Co-Rec, and, if you are eligible for Silver Sneakers, learn how to get healthier through exercise — paid for by United Health Care.

Signup. So we will know how many may attend the 10/23 clinic, please email Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu or call her at 494-1779, and provide names of PURA members and guests who will participate. Be sure to specify that you are reserving for the Pickleball Clinic on 10/23.



The Campus and Community Activities Committee is also pleased to announce a tour for PURA members and guests of CSEL, the brand-new Purdue Center for Student Excellence and Leadership. The tour will occur on October 14 at 4:30.

CSEL has been designed to provide a transformative environment to support collaboration among student organizations and programs and supply much-needed meeting and collaborative space for the hundreds of recognized student organizations. The goal is to create innovative leadership engagement programs that will impact the entire student body. CSEL is located directly across Martin Jischke Drive from the main entrance of Co-Rec. At that late afternoon hour parking will be clearing from the residence halls and the University Street parking garage.

In order to determine how many tour guides are needed, please email Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu or call her at 494-1779, and provide names of PURA members and guests who will join the tour. Be sure to specify that you are reserving for the CSEL tour on October 22.

Michele Salla, Purdue Human Resources, 401 Grant St., West Lafayette, IN 47907-2024 OR email reservation to Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu or call her at 494-1779

RESERVATION for CSEL Tour, October 14, 2014

Reservations should be submitted by one week prior to the date of the tour. Guests are welcome.

Print all names________________________________


Telephone number_______________________




Purdue Musical Organizations have long worked in cramped quarters in the basement of Elliott Hall of Music, but they have been relocated to Bailey Hall at the south point of the intersection of Grant Street and Northwestern. PURA's Campus and Community Activities Committee is pleased to announce a tour of Bailey on Thursday, November 6, at 11:15 AM, so we will be able to watch rehearsals at 11:30. Parking may be available at either the Grant Street or Northwestern Garage for those with Purdue parking passes (or for a modest charge at the Grant Street Garage). Come see PMO's new practice facilities!

Michele Salla, Purdue Human Resources, 401 Grant St., West Lafayette, IN 47907-2024 OR email reservation to Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu or call her at 494-1779

RESERVATION for Bailey Hall Tour, November 6, 2014

Reservations should be submitted by one week prior to the date of the tour. Guests are welcome.

Print all names________________________________


Telephone number_______________________


Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award Nominations Sought for 2014-15

The Arthur G. Hanson award is presented by the Purdue University Retirees Association (PURA) and the Office of the President to a university unit that excels in fostering a strong relationship between PURA retirees and the university. The award is named in honor of President Arthur G. Hansen because of his leadership and support in establishing the initial Purdue retirees’ organization.

Nominations are now being accepted for this year. Any Purdue retiree can submit a nomination of a college/school, department, division, or section for its efforts to maintain a strong relationship with its retirees. Forms are available on-line at www.purdue.edu/retirees or from Human Resource Services, FREH. The nomination document should be no longer than five pages. Only material submitted by the nominator(s) will be considered. Nominations are due to PURA, c/o Human Resource Services, FREH, by February 1, 2015.

Monday Luncheon Series

We hope you will join us at the MCL Cafeteria in West Lafayette on November 3, 2014. You will have an opportunity to visit with friends and to learn about the State Street master plan in West Lafayette from Eric Lucas. Lunch is available from 11:00 a.m., and the program begins at 11:50 in the Purdue Room.