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PURA News - January 2016

NEW PURA Slate of Officers 2016-17

NEW Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference Coming in April

NEW Income Tax Assistance Volunteer Opportunity

NEW  The Archive:  Purdue’s Treasure Trove

NEW PURA/Purdue:  What’s the Connection?

NEW Purdue Retirees Privileges & Opportunities

NEW December PURA Luncheon Featured “Battle of the Bulge”


Jan. 29 Deadline for retirees to transition their myMail email if needed

Feb. 1 Deadline  to submit nominations for PURA Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award

Appointments limited for Spring wellness screenings - make contact soon

2016 Indiana's Bicentennial Torch Relay

Restore: Recycling with a bang

Campus monument in honor of Jane and Steven Beering

Mark your Calendars!  Upcoming Events

   Jan. 29 Last day for official Purdue retirees to take action to transition their myMail to another type
   Feb. 1  PURA Monthly Luncheon, MCL Cafeteria, 11am
      Speaker:  Susan Davis; Topic:  Small Business
   Mar. 7  PURA Monthly Luncheon, MCL Cafeteria, 11am
      Speaker:  Prof. Edwin Garcia, Purdue University Energy Center
      Topic:  Battery Research Status
   Apr. 4  PURA Monthly Luncheon, MCL Cafeteria, 11am
      Speaker:  Rosie Lerner, Purdue Consumer Horticulturalist
      Topic:  Master Gardener Program
   Apr. 20 Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference, Beck Agricultural Center

PURA Slate of Officers for 2016-17

The PURA Nominating Committee submitted John Trott for President-elect for 2016-17. The nomination was accepted at the PURA Executive Board meeting in November. 

John Trott is a former director of the Purdue Agricultural Centers and Assistant to the Director of the Office of Agricultural Research Programs. Before taking those positions he served as an Extension Educator. He was awarded a Certificate of Distinction from the Agricultural Alumni Association in 2011. He received BS and MS degrees in agriculture from Purdue.

The PURA by-laws require nominations be published to the membership in January. Additional nominations, with prior approval from the nominee, can be made from the floor at the March monthly meeting of PURA members. The formal vote is taken at the April PURA monthly meeting. (O. Wood)

Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference Coming in April

The PURA Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference will be held on April 20, 2016. This annual spring conference is open to PURA members, their guests, and the local community.

The event will be at the Beck Center on US 52 North. The conference includes five presentations on a wide variety of topics, exhibits of interest to retirees, continental breakfast, and lunch for a nominal fee.

The program content is currently planned to cover topics on New Technology in Audiology, Retirees and the Current Economy, Health Care Reform in 2016, and Senior Moves (a national program available locally which specializes in assistance in downsizing and organizing). 

Additionally, the popular program from the 2015 conference on Medication Interactions will again be available to attendees. This interactive computer program helps identify side effects related to medications. The program has been expanded to allow for an unlimited number of medications to be assessed per individual.

Look for more information as you look forward to Spring!  (O. Wood)

Income Tax Assistance Volunteer Opportunity

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program through United Way Greater Lafayette is looking for volunteers to assist qualifying working families to prepare their income tax returns.  Volunteers receive free IRS certified training and use online software provided by the IRS. For the contact name refer to the program flyer or visit www.uwlafayette.org/vita for more information.

The Archive:  Purdue’s Treasure Trove

Most Purdue people are aware of the newsworthy collections in the Purdue archives, such as those related to Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan and Amelia Earhart. But there is so much more.

Honors students dug deep into the Virginia Kelly Karnes Archives to research their publication about the Class of 1904. ngie Klink spent a lot of time there when writing, “The Deans’ Bible”. And the e-archives are a wonderful spot to browse for amateur authors. Imagine viewing a photo gallery of Purdue alums, distinguished and otherwise.

It seems strange, but young men in the early 1900’s kept scrapbooks. You can look through one belonging to a young football player who was in the tragic train crash on the way to IU.

You can also find paintings of George Winter, writings of women’s advocate Helen Gouger, letters between early botanists and works of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. The Extension Service is notably represented. Warning! Browsing is addictive. (J. Thomas)

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PURA/Purdue:  What’s the Connection?

PURA is the only group whose mission is solely related to Purdue Official Retirees. PURA committee members and leadership are all Purdue retirees who volunteer their time and skills, not to mention their passion, to various roles for PURA.

PURA welcomes any retiree to assist the organization. Technically PURA is assigned to Human Resources (HR) with the Purdue administration. PURA appreciates HR's cooperation with PURA, but the organization is independent in the decisions made by the PURA Board for retirees. PURA benefits from the HR assistance of Kate LaMar, who works with any retiree regarding their health insurance before they retire, and if they choose to go on the PURA health insurance plans, after they retire.

Offering retirees a unique health insurance plan is one of the most important ways PURA differs from Purdue. The PURA Benefits Committee negotiates retiree health plans independently from the University. The PURA plans are not the same plans as those for University employees, often not even with the same company. Michele Salla also handles administrative tasks for the PURA Board to function efficiently. She quickly becomes familiar to PURA members via the emails initiating from her to PURA members.

PURA makes its own decisions regarding budget concerns, and strives to offer programming to members at cost. When PURA meetings are on campus, PURA pays for the use of campus facilities, such as rooms needed in Stewart Center, just like any other University unit. PURA representatives interact with selected University committees to represent our members, such as the Parking and Traffic Committee. For instance, PURA advocated for the free "A" parking permits retirees enjoy.

PURA benefits the University by helping to canvas its members for United Way participation, which is then reported as a retiree group donation with the total University summary.  PURA plans and conducts all our meetings independently of the University. These include PURA activities such as the annual September Kick-Off Lunch, monthly MCL meetings, Purposeful Living Conference, etc. PURA joins other University units in participating at Spring Fling, offering free flu shots to retirees and their spouses, offering health screenings similar to those for employees and appreciates the use of university facilities for these activities. To sum up, PURA is in a symbiotic relationship with Purdue University, but acts independently for the benefit of all things related to retirees.

Purdue is unique among Big Ten University retiree groups in that they welcome all retirees. Another unique feature is that there are no dues.

PURA is the envy of other retiree groups in the Big Ten because it is the only one to offer independent health care plans; and PURA’s plans are better than most on the market. PURA believes all Purdue retirees helped to build Purdue and are part of the Purdue family, and PURA strives to continue to promote this concept of loyalty throughout the organization.

Purdue Retirees Privileges & Opportunities

Purdue Photo Identification Card Complimentary “A” Parking Permits
Discounts on Event Tickets Medical Plan Participation
Staff Rates for Recreational Facilities and Golf Courses Use of Purdue University Pharmacy
Local and Distance Educational and Entertainment Tours Services at the Nursing Center for Family Health
Annual Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference Silver Sneaker Fitness Program
Monthly Lunch and Speaker Purdue Discount Programs Offered Locally
Purdue University Libraries Facilities Free Rides on CityBus
Free Issues of PURA News Temporary Purdue Employment Opportunities


For more information:  www.purdue.edu/retirees

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December PURA Luncheon Featured “Battle of the Bulge”

Ned DerhammerAt the December PURA luncheon, Ned Derhammer discussed World War II’s Battle of the Bulge, a major German offensive campaign launched against allied forces on December 16, 1944, through the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg on the Western Front in Europe.

Ned served in the United States Air Force for eleven years. He was a pilot for Eastern Airlines for twenty-three years and then attended Purdue for three years, graduating in 1991. Following graduation, he worked at Purdue for ten years, training students on the Flight Simulator.  (K. Lembcke)

Retirees Affected by myMail email Transition

With Purdue’s myMail service being decommissioned on Jan. 29, 2016, Purdue retirees and emeritus faculty members will experience changes to their University email service. Below is a summary of how individuals will be affected:

Retirees who currently use myMail may transition their email to Office 365 from now until Jan. 29, 2016 (click here for instructions)

Retirees who currently use Exchange will move to Office 365 in the coming weeks (more details to come)

Emeritus faculty who use myMail will be moved to Exchange in the coming weeks (more details to come)

All individuals will receive direct messages from ITaP outlining how they will be affected by the change and whether action is needed. Additional information may be found on the Hello 365 website.

Individuals also may call the ITaP Customer Service Center at 765-494-4000 or email itap@purdue.edu if they have questions or need one-on-one assistance. Help also is available in person at the help desk located in the HSSE Library on the main floor of Stewart Center.

Campus Monument in Honor of Jane and Steven Beering

A monument honoring Jane and Steven Beering has been placed in the Friendship Garden at the top of Slayter Hill on the Purdue campus. This location was Jane’s favorite place and now her final resting place (1934-2015). During Dr. Beering’s tenure as Purdue President (1983-2000) they welcomed over 100,000 guests to Westwood. An avid photographer, Jane took over 250,000 photographs of alumni and friends of the University and sent many of them to the recipients.  When they retired from Purdue in 2000, PURA donated a plum tree which is placed in the Friendship Garden. It is a very lovely and peaceful place on campus, and the only location from which, when the leaves have fallen, you can see the entire campus, including Westwood.

Beering monument   Inscription:  “You cannot define or explain Purdue
   by adding up the sums of classroom space, laboratory
   equipment, or library holdings. Purdue has a certain character.
   An essence that is understood and appreciated only by those
   who are steeped in its tradition and who have come to love it.” 

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Needed! PURA Nominations for Arthur G. Hansen Recognition Award

Nominations for the Arthur Hansen Award must come from a PURA member or members. That means YOU!

This award is presented to any Purdue unit (department, division, section, service, school/college, etc.) that excels in fostering a strong relationship with its retirees. There are many ways consistent contact with retirees could qualify a unit for a nomination. Selected examples include invitations to social activities and/or professional seminars or meetings, inclusion in newsletters, holiday greetings and emails about the unit, an email system for retirees to stay up to date with other retirees and their former work place, special events such as retiree receptions/events or a special social event for retirees, etc.

The award, a joint effort through PURA and the Office of the President, includes a trophy and $2,500 from TIAA-CREF and a master plaque identifying recipients in the Purdue Memorial Union. The recipient is recognized at the annual retiree luncheon as well as the PURA Kickoff Luncheon each fall and in PURA and Purdue publications. Recipients may be nominated again after a 5-year lapse.

Former recipients have included: The Cooperative Extension Service, The Department of Biochemistry, The Department of Nutrition Science, Housing and Food Services, and the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Nominations are limited to one page and should be submitted to:

Michele Salla, PURA, Human Resources
401 S. Grant St.,
West Lafayette, IN  47907-2024

The nomination must have the signature of the nominating PURA member(s).  Nominations are due February 1, 2016.

Nominate a Torch Bearer for Indiana Bicentennial

Torch Relay logo

December 19, 2015 is the start of a yearlong celebration of the day Indiana became a state. A really exciting event is an Olympic-style relay throughout the state. The criteria for nomination are simple.  The nominee should have demonstrated personal and/or professional excellence or achieved celebrity status. The alternate criterion is that they should have made an outstanding contribution to their neighborhood, community, region, or state through service, stewardship, and/or involvement.  Nominees must live or have lived in Tippecanoe County. 

People may be nominated posthumously. Any number of individuals can be nominated.  Forms will be rejected if you name yourself, the forms are incomplete, or anonymous.

The torch weighs under 5 pounds and is 32 inches long. The torch was designed at Purdue and has a real flame. Runners 10 to 14 years of age will be given a no-flame torch. The engineers are also installing a camera which will stream video each one-fourth mile run. The torch will arrive at Columbian Park on the morning of October 12, 2016, wind through downtown and be ferried across the Wabash River. Warren County follows Tippecaone County on the schedule. The relay across Indiana will cover 2,300 miles and take 5 weeks to complete. Local chair persons are Sue Scholer and Mike Piggott.

To get a nomination form go to indiana2016.org/torchrelay/nomination-forms.  Forms must be turned in by December 31, 2015.  To enter a form online, go to the same web address.  To enter the form locally, mail or take it to the Tippecanoe County Commissioners’ office, 20 N. 3rd Street, Lafayette, or the Greater Lafayette Convention and Visitors Bureau, 301 Frontage Road, Lafayette.

Spring Wellness Screenings

In the Spring Semester, beginning in January, the IU Medical School will be performing physicals. These will be completed by 2nd year medical students along with their attending MD. We only have 6 open appointments.  The physicals will be at Lyles-Porter Hall and will take about 1-1.5 hours. If interested, please email Chris Rearick at crearick@purdue.edu with your name and phone number and she will call you with a date and time.

Restore: Recycling with a Bang

Habitat for Humanity is well known for building homes for lower income families. Not so well known is that they have a store in Lafayette. The Restore accepts things that you no longer want or need.  Getting new furniture, downsizing, moving, remodeling? There is a place for your items at Restore.  Conversely, they have items for sale. If you are furnishing a dorm room, man cave or lake cottage, try there first. They accept good items as small as nails or cabinet handles. 

Located behind the Creasy Lane Star Furniture store, their address is 3815 Fortune Drive. Call 765-423-2585, or for pickup of large items, call 765-426-7204.

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