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About PURA

Welcome to the Web Site of the Purdue University Retirees Association

PURA membersWhether you are a Purdue retiree, the spouse of a retiree, or just a visitor to our Web site, we hope you will take a few moments to explore it and learn about our organization, its structure, and its activities.

Of approximately 4,700 Purdue retirees, two-thirds have remained in the Greater Lafayette area to maintain their close ties with the University, their friends and the community.

Some have moved on to other locations on a permanent basis; still others go elsewhere during the winter, but return each spring to reconnect with their Purdue colleagues and friends.

Wherever they are, they can maintain active contact with us through this Web site and the links it provides to information about PURA and its activities.

Greetings from Our PURA President

Olivia Wood, PURA president 2015-16

It is with a tremendous amount of both excitement and humbleness that I assume the position of PURA president! I continue to be awed by all that PURA offers retirees, and by the past leaders who have worked to place PURA as a premier retiree organization in the Big Ten! Of course, we will continue all the activities and opportunities you have come to enjoy: the trips, tours, luncheons, conferences, etc. The PURA health insurance offerings continue to be the envy of the Big Ten Retiree organizations. The support PURA members give to our community through the annual United Way drive is stellar.

Along with these important functions, we plan to add a few new initiatives. Our priorityfor the year is for PURA NEWS to be established as an effective and timely communication tool. Another exciting venture is taking a hard look at what PURA could/should look like in 2020. Organizations have to keep evolving to stay fresh and interesting, particularly to new members. How can we incorporate old traditions with new enticements for active membership? LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

Olivia Wood
Your 2015-16 PURA President

Organizational information

PURA Policies and Procedure Manual

The PURA Policy and Procedure Manual contains a wealth of information about PURA's history, bylaws, executive board, committees, benefits, and awards.

Current Executive Board


Arthur G. Hansen Award Nomination Form

Read more about the Hansen Award in the PURA Policies and Procedure Manual.


Benefits are discussed further in the PURA Policies and Procedure Manual.