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PURA News - November 2016

Nominations Sought for PURA Office of Vice President/President Elect 2017-2018
PURA United Way Campaign Nearing Its Goal
Health Insurance News:
NEW! Voluntary Preventive Retiree Dental Plan for Retirees Over Age 65: 2017
PURA Benefits Committee Approves a Preventive Dental Plan for 2017
Purdue University Retirees Association Health Insurance Plans
   Renewed for 2017 With Lower or Flat Premiums for Most Members

Insurance Assistance to Official Retirees Under Age 65 Now Available

Indiana Bicentennial: 
Bicentennial Torch Relay: Purdue Photos from Fayette, Jasper, LaPorte, Tippecanoe, and Union Counties
Purdue Torchbearer Linda Duttlinger, Purdue Northwest-Westfield Campus
Retirees Learn More About Aging at CALC 2016 Symposium
Artist Kimlien Tran Captivates October PURA Luncheon Audience
Jischke Scholar Kiana Bowen Welcomed at Kickoff Luncheon
PURA Rides the Hoosier State Train to Chicago
Computer Operating Systems Questions/Answers

Mark your Calendars!  Upcoming Events

December 3 Downtown Lafayette holiday celebration: Holiday Downtown Farmers Market, Window Wonderland student-decorated store windows, Dickens of a Christmas, Lafayette Christmas Parade, Long Center showing of the film "Polar Express."

December 5 PURA Monthly Meeting, MCL Cafeteria, 11:00 AM

    Topic:Involvement in Recent Activities
    Speaker: Patty Jischke

January 2 Official University Holiday - NO monthly meeting.

Nominations Sought for PURA Office of Vice President/President Elect 2017-2018

Nominations are being accepted for the PURA officer position of vice president/president-elect for 2017-18.  Please submit suggestions to the chair of the nominating committee, Olivia Wood, at o.wood123@comcast.net no later than November 15, 2016.
Additional nominating committee members are Robert Bain, Sarah Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Dick Nelson, and John Trott.  The nominee will be announced in the January PURA NEWS.

PURA United Way Campaign Nearing Its Goal

At the time of printing, PURA members had contributed $104,000 to the PURA United Way Campaign. That is nearly 87% of the $120,000 goal. Let’s get that to 100% by November 15.

Money raised during this campaign will fund 21 partner agencies and initiatives in the Greater Lafayette area. Included is the Read to Succeed program, which encourages community members to spend one hour per week in local classrooms helping children develop and improve literacy skills. Many of the agencies also provide services pertinent to PURA members. Please help fund these programs.

Through a Lilly Endowment, new or increased contributions of $100 or more will be matched dollar for dollar. You may send a check payable to United Way of Greater Lafayette, with PURA contribution in the memo line, to United Way of Greater Lafayette, 1114 East State Street, Lafayette, IN 47905.

Contributions received before November 15 will be counted in the PURA Campaign total.

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PURA Benefits Committee Approves a Preventive Dental Plan for 2017

The PURA Benefits Committee has approved a new optional dental plan for 2017-18.  PURA members over age 65 (Medicare eligible) who are current members of one of the PURA retiree group health plans will have the opportunity to enroll in a preventive dental plan beginning with the 2017 calendar year. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL PLAN!  A member may choose to enroll in the dental plan without impacting their membership in one of the health insurance plans.

Anthem was selected for the carrier of this new product offered to PURA members. The plan will be a preventive-only dental plan covering oral exams and teeth cleaning twice per calendar year; bitewing X-rays once per calendar year; a full mouth X-ray once every five years; and once a year brush biopsy to detect oral cancer. A third cleaning will be covered for members with diabetes, certain heart conditions, and transplant and oncology patients.

Anthem’s plan covers members in all states of the US.  The plan is a contract for two years with monthly premiums of $14.51 for an individual or $29.02 for two members in a household.  An additional monthly administrative fee will be billed per household/contract of $2.25 when paying by automatic electronic bank payment from your checking or savings account or a $2.75 per for those paying by check. Credit cards will not be accepted for premium payment. The AmWins Company will handle the billing and premium collections for this plan.

Covered claims will be paid at 100% for in-network services at a pre-negotiated rate and 100% for out-of-network at a customary rate. Members using out-of-network dentists may be billed by their provider for amounts over the customary reimbursement rate.

Enrollment materials will be mailed to members later this fall and the information will be placed on the Purdue Retirees Association web page soon.  In-Network Dentist listings will also be available from Anthem with the enrollment information.

This is an optional program developed to meet the needs of some of our PURA members.

Purdue University Retirees Association Health Insurance Plans Renewed for 2017 With Lower or Flat Premiums For Most Members

The Benefits Committee of the Purdue University Retirees Association (PURA) has renewed the PURcare and Medicare Advantage PPO group health insurance plans with United Healthcare (UHC) for 2017 with a small reduction in premium for most PURcare members and no premium increase for Medicare Advantage members.

No changes were made to either plan for 2017.  The goals of the committee were to maintain the very best medical and drug insurance plans with the lowest premiums possible, while maintaining your ability to manage your health care with your Medicare doctor.

PURcare, the Purdue sponsored Senior Supplement plan and Part D Prescription Drug Plan, will continue for 2017 with the same medical/drug and vision benefits as 2016. The total premium will be $263.85 per member per month, a small reduction in the premium from 2016.

PURcare members with Rx coverage from the Veterans Administration - for 2017 the Supplement-only premium will be $193.70/member/month, a slight increase.

The premium for the Medicare Advantage PPO Plan for 2017 will be the same as for 2015 and 2016 at $208.49/member/month.  There will be no change to Hospital/Medical co-pays or Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

The PURA Benefits Committee worked with representatives of UnitedHealthcare, Aon Hewitt Consultants and the staff of Purdue Human Resources over the past year reviewing data and studying various aspects of the health care industry to determine the best plans for all.

Members should be advised that the future introduction of many specialty drugs, some costing thousands of dollars per month, and the ever escalating health care costs will make holding the line on premiums very difficult for future years.  The Benefits Committee is working on educational materials that will help members understand what to expect in the future and to continue to manage their health care in the most cost effective manner possible. Follow the PURA Newsletters, PURA Web page and look for a scheduled workshop for the latest information.

Members enrolled in either of the retiree group plans who do not want to make a change: your coverage will automatically continue for 2017 – no re-enrollment.

If you decide to terminate your Purdue Retiree group coverage for a non-Purdue plan, you will not be able to join again at a later time.

Purdue Human Resources Support Continues:
PURA members continue to receive outstanding support from Purdue Human Resources. Our plans support some of the cost of this staff. Please phone or contact Kate LaMar with questions at klamar@purdue.edu or 765-494-1694 for assistance.

PURA Benefits Committee:
Don Gentry, Chair; Melinda Bain, PURA President; Robert Bain; John Beelke; Charles Brown; Linda Duttlinger; Fred Ford; Solomon Gartenhaus; Sue Hiser; Harry Morrison; Betty Nelson; Larry Pherson; Sandy Singer; Cliff Swensen; Leon Thacker; Roberta Thomas; Oliva Wood; John Trott, President Elect of PURA.  Human Resources Staff: Kate LaMar; Eva Nodine; Michele Salla and Teresa Wesner.

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Insurance Assistance to Official Retirees Under Age 65 Now Available

October – and open medical insurance enrollment – are just around the corner.  With that in mind, now is a good time to start thinking about your insurance needs and choices for the upcoming year.

Purdue University, in partnership with the Purdue University Retirees Association and the Henriott Group, Inc., has arranged assistance for official Purdue retirees under the age of 65 and not yet eligible for Medicare, to help you understand your health insurance options in retirement.

The Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as the Exchange), created as part of the Affordable Care Act, offers health insurance options to ensure everyone in the United States has access to affordable health care.

It is likely that some number of Purdue retirees would be eligible for a premium tax credit (also known as a subsidy) to assist with the cost of healthcare through the Marketplace.  There are several plans available and it can be difficult to find a well-matched plan. That’s where Henriott comes in.  They are knowledgeable and experienced in helping you shop for a plan that best suits your needs.

During Purdue’s annual open enrollment period (beginning in late October) the Henriott Group will be ready to assist you as a Purdue retiree to review coverage options for you and your covered dependents who are not yet eligible for Medicare.

Purdue University and PURA are pleased to be able to offer this assistance, and we encourage you to review your options for 2017.

More specific information will be shared in the upcoming months via PURA News.  In addition, retirees under the age of 65 currently enrolled in a Purdue medical plan will receive information directly from Purdue University in their annual open enrollment brochure.

Bicenntennial Torch Relay: Purdue Photos from Fayette, Jasper, LaPorte, Tippecanoe, and Union Counties

Betty Nelson showing off her socks

Torchbearer Betty Nelson — Dean Emerita of Students — shows off Wonder Woman socks to
PURA members Dick Nelson, Bob Bain, Fred Ford and wife Mary, Olivia Wood, Karen Lembcke, and Dan Collins prior to her “leg” of the race.

David Caldwell

David (Scott) Caldwell, retired Field Extension Education, carried the torch in Fayette County.

James Dworkin

James Dworkin, Professor of Management at the Krannert School and former Chancellor of
Purdue Northwest-Westfield Campus, carried the torch in LaPorte County.

Art Reddinger

Arthur (Art) Reddinger, retired College of Agriculture County Extension Director, was seated in a
Model A Ford Coupe for his portion of the Union County relay.

Linda Duttlinger

Linda Duttlinger, Professor Emerita of Mathematics from Purdue Northwest-Westfield Campus,
carried the torch in Jasper County, representing the Food Pantry of Wheatfield,
which her husband helped to found.
(To read more about her work with the Food Pantry, click here.)

Mitch Daniels

Purdue President Mitch Daniels posed on the Memorial Mall, handing off the torch to Graduate Student
Council President Andrew Zeller, in front of the BISONtennial sculpture sponsored by the School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Torchbearer Linda Duttlinger

Linda represented the food pantry from Wheatfield, located in Jasper County. The food pantry began at Sorrowful Mother Church about seven years ago, and Linda’s husband was one of the founders. Linda was appointed director five years ago.

Husband Richard died a month before Linda retired in December 2014, so Linda faithfully continued with the duties associated with maintaining a successful pantry. That included obtaining and organizing the food, driving the truck and trailer, and learning how to back it up!

On a recent Saturday morning, 117 families visited the food pantry and, currently, there are 250 families within a 20-mile radius registered on their paperwork. All families must meet the government requirements to be eligible to receive milk, meat, bread, canned goods, and produce when available.

As one of the torchbearers in Jasper County, Linda drove her food pantry truck and trailer with a torch holder on the outside of the pick-up truck. The Torch Caravan drove 20 miles from Wheatfield to Rensselear. She reported it was an incredible experience.

Retirees Learn More About Aging at CALC 2016 Symosium

CALC talkThe Purdue Center on Aging and the Life Course (CALC) presented their 2016 symposium on Time Horizons and Optimal Aging on Friday, October 16.  More than twenty-five retirees attended.  Each year CALC presents a symposium on an aspect of aging.  Dr. Kenneth Ferraro, Director of CALC, welcomed the guests and speakers Dr. David Ekerdt, PhD, of the University of Kansas, and Dr. Laura Carstensen, PhD, of Stanford University. 

Dr. Ekerdt spoke on Gerontology in Five Images, Plus Two More.  In his presentation, he showed that gerontology is multidisciplinary and there is danger in being too focused.  Dr. Carstensen spoke on Taking Time Seriously in Life-Span Development.  She has done extensive research on the emotional status of adults.  One finding is that older people, excluding those with dementia, are happier than younger adults.  There is greater economic satisfaction in later life.  Stress is less.  As they age, older people tend to live in the moment, know what is important, invest in sure things, have deeper relationships, and savor life.

On Thursday evening, in honor of the 20th anniversary of gerontology studies at Purdue, CALC featured an art exhibit of works by older artists.  Many different mediums were displayed—oil, acrylic, pastel, dye resist, and color photography.  Some of the artists were at the event to share about their art with the guests.

CALC received a grant from the PURA Activities and Opportunities Endowment Fund in support of this symposium.

Artist Kimlien Tran Captivates October PURA Luncheon Audience

Artist KimlienLocal artist Kimlien Tran spoke at the monthly luncheon on October 3.  She paints from her life’s experiences and shared the journey that brought her to Indiana.  Her life began in Vietnam.

Imagine the anxiety of a father and mother with 10 children who desperately needed to escape Communism, and then later, find a way to migrate to America from Vietnam.  In their time of need the family had to split into two groups.  The father and his two sons made the perilous journey across the ocean in a small, overcrowded boat that eventually found its way to the U.S. They worked for four years to save enough money to bring the rest of the family to the United States.

Finally, the mother and their eight girls crowded onto another tiny boat and made the treacherous voyage with other escapees. 

After seven days, they made it to land. Most of them could not swim.  With great confusion and uncertainty, they were taken to a refugee camp where they lived for several months.

Once the family was reunited, Kimlien entered middle school where she started learning English. Although she was talented at sketching from early childhood, she had never heard of paints, water colors, or charcoal.  A teacher recognized her talent and enrolled her in art classes where she won a scholarship to a prestigious art school in New York.  However, her father encouraged her to study chemical engineering and she graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in chemical engineering and a B.A. in chemistry. She also met her husband at the University of Washington.

While devoting herself to family and raising children, her husband encouraged Kimlien to follow her artistic passions.  She taught herself the art of drawing and painting with various mediums and styles with books from the library.  She studied the masterpieces of famous artists and experimented with their techniques to create her own unique interpretations. Her beautiful artwork reflects diverse emotions from her Asian legacy, her childhood, her children, and her life-stories. To experience Kimlien Tran’s works, visit KL Art Gallery in downtown Lafayette which will open later this fall.  For more information, go to www.klartgallery.com.

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Jischke Scholar Kiana Bowen Welcomed at Kickoff Luncheon

Jischke Scholar BowenKiana Bowen, PURA’s new Jischke Scholar, was welcomed at the kickoff luncheon on September 12. Kiana is in the Honors College in Computer Graphics Technology where she plans to major in game design and animation. She hopes to add industrial studio art as a minor. In her spare time, she loves to draw and paint, read (her favorite author is Stephen King), and watch movies. She is very excited to be at Purdue and appreciates the many opportunities that will be available to her here.

The Martin and Patty Jischke PURA Purdue Opportunity Award Endowment Fund will support Kiana financially through her graduation. Your contributions to this endowment fund are appreciated.  PURA members will also mentor Kiana during her time at Purdue.

From Columbus, Indiana, Kiana attended Columbus North High School. She was a member of the marching band's color guard and moved to the drum line in her junior year. Kiana was inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars.

PURA Rides the Hoosier State Train to Chicago

PURA’s Campus and Community Activities Committee arranged a train trip on the Hoosier State to and from Chicago that occurred on Wednesday, October 19.  Over twenty PURA members and their guests traveled in business class in the comfortable domed car, and enjoyed both a delicious breakfast and a fine dinner as they traveled. 

This relatively new Hoosier State connection is now under the auspices of Iowa Pacific Holdings.  A representative facilitated travel arrangements at a group rate, and helped arrivals with local travel in Chicago.

On arrival in Chicago’s Union Station, the attendees scattered to a variety of venues, including shopping at Macy’s (formerly Marshall Field’s), the Art Institute, and Maggie Daley Park.  At least six of the visitors made their way to the Museum of Science and Industry and to the Omnimax Theater to view the National Parks Adventure. 

Travelers were so delighted with their experience on the Hoosier State that the Campus and Community Activities Committee will consider repeating the trip at some later date.  Stay tuned!

Hoosier train

PURA attendees enjoy a meal with a view, including Jill May and her husband.

Computer Operating Systems Questions/Answers

How long will Windows 7 continue to be supported?  What about Windows 8.1?  When should I switch to Windows 10?  How long will Windows 10 be free of charge to me?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of switching to Windows 10 sooner vs. later?

If you are wrestling with these and other questions, including questions about El Capitan for MAC users, tune in to a video from the University of Wisconsin (UW) for some answers.  The pros, cons, and process is presented in an easy to understand format with visuals.

Go to http://uwra.wisc.edu.  On the top bar click on Resources, then click on Presentations.  The presentation will come as UWRA Computer Updates.

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