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PURA News - September 2015

NEW President Daniels Hosts Reception for Retirees - July 2015

NEW  Free Flu Shots Offered Again in October

NEW Chewing and Swallowing screenings available

NEW Temporary Employment Opportunities at Purdue for Retirees

NEW WANTED: Photographers for PURA Functions

2015 United Way Campaign: Cradle to Career Continuum, Every Person Succeeding in Greater Lafayette

Mark Your Calendars! - Upcoming Events

September 22 PURA tour of Discovery Learning Research Center/Voss Solar System Model
October 2 Purdue Center on Aging & the Life Course seminar:  Optimizing Functional Ability in Later Life
October 5 PURA monthly luncheon
October 8 PURA tour: Fall nature walk
October 12 Free flu shots and wellness screenings
October 16 Free flu shots and wellness screenings
October 24 PURA trip/cruise: celebrate the Belle of Louisville's 101st year
October 27 Free flu shots and wellness screenings

Klingerman named VP of Human Resources

Spring Fling Fitness Walk Medals: Do you have a full set?

President Daniels Hosts Reception for PURA Members

President Mitch Daniels hosted a reception for PURA members on July 27 in the East and West Faculty lounges at the Purdue Memorial Union.  Over 100 were in attendance and enjoyed light refreshments and social interaction with President Daniels and other PURA members.  President Daniels welcomed the group by thanking PURA members for their past work to establish and further the University’s mission. He mentioned specific benefits such as the PURA United Way contributions and the acknowledged premier standing of PURA among the Big Ten Retiree Associations.  He shared news about the new initiative currently working its way through the U.S. Congress. Students will be assisted with tuition by sponsors investing in the student with the payback based on a percentage of the student’s future success.  He recently testified before a Congressional committee on the idea which originated in South America. He reported contributions to Purdue have continued to increase each year and thanked PURA members for their support.  He graciously accepted and responded to questions. 

The event was considered a “win-win” for the President and PURA.

Chewing and Swallowing screenings available

An addition to the October Wellness Retiree Screenings is the Swallowing/Eating Screens that are available and will take place in the Speech Language and Hearing Center’s new endo room. These will be performed by a researcher

and NOT a student. If you are interested in this evaluation, please contact Chris Rearick, MSN, RN, Clinic Coordinator, Health and Human Sciences and Director of the Hub for Healthy Aging in Lyles-Porter Hall, Office 1061.

Contact her at 765-496-0308 or crearick@purdue.edu

Temporary Employment Opportunities at Purdue for Retirees

Human Resources list temporary employment opportunities for Purdue retirees on the PURA web site. Retirees are given preference before positions are advertised to others.  Go to the title  bar on the top of this page and click on the words Temp Jobs.   A menu will drop down.  Clink on Introduction or Current Openings to learn more.  In many cases no resume will be needed, but if one is, the Resources menu item will provide assistance to compile one.

WANTED:  Photographers for PURA Functions

If you like to take pictures PURA would welcome your talents at its many events and activities. We need pictures taken at each monthly luncheon, trip, tour, and campus event as well as the Kickoff Luncheon, Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference, and Transition Meeting. We only ask that you send the pictures via .jpg to Karen Lembcke, co-chair Communications and Carolyn Jones, Historian. Pictures may turn up in the PURA NEWS and/or be deposited in the Purdue Archives. If interested, please contact the person in charge of the PURA function in which you could be the photographer. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US OUT!

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It’s time to get your free flu shot*!

*Purdue Center for Healthy Living will be administering the Flucelvax, pre-filled syringe, trivalent. See your provider if you need an alternative vaccine.
Make yourself a flu fighter!
Getting an annual influenza vaccine is the No. 1 way to fight the flu. Purdue University is once again providing seasonal flu shots on the West Lafayette campus for its official retirees and their spouses / same-sex domestic partners. You don’t need an appointment just bring your PUID and get your flu shot. It’s that simple! You, too can fight the flu!
October 12 and October 16
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Daniel (William H.) Turfgrass Research & Diagnostic Center
(1340 Cherry Lane)
LOCATION: The Turfgrass Center is located off Cherry Lane, next to the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex.
PARKING: Use any space in front of the Turfgrass Center.

As an added bonus on these days, wellness screenings, provided by the Purdue Nursing Center for Family Health, will be offered. The brief health screenings will measure blood pressure, weight, height, body mass index (BMI) and cardiac risk ratio.  The screening also includes a “finger stick” test to check cholesterol, high density lipoprotein and glucose levels. *Purdue retirees and their spouses can receive one wellness screening at no cost once every 12 months; all other or for additional screenings - $40.
October 27      
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Kurz Purdue Technology Center
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd – Conference Room B

United Way and PURA Build Communities

The United Way Campaign theme this year is Cradle to Career Continuum, Every Person Succeeding in Greater Lafayette. Purdue University has a long history of supporting the work of the United Way of Greater Lafayette. Collectively the Purdue family is the largest donor to the annual campaign, and PURA members are the largest monetary donors from a specified group in the Purdue campaign. PURA takes great pride because lives are made better because of its members’ contributions.

On the pledge form you are given options of a one-time gift or a gift for which you can be billed once, quarterly, or monthly. If you choose to be billed, please know that if you would later need to make an adjustment to your pledge you can contact the United Way organization to change your pledge. Information to facilitate your contact with United Way is on the pledge form. If you make a monetary contribution to United Way by check, please make it payable to “United Way of Greater Lafayette”.   

United Way and PURA also appreciate the many PURA members who give through personal volunteer time to the many programs and agencies supported by United Way in our local community. Thank you.

Klingerman named VP of Human Resources

The Purdue Board of Trustees appointed Trent Klingerman Vice President for Human Resources (HR), effective July 1, 2015. Klingerman had been interim director since November, 2014. In this capacity he will continue to serve as PURA’s advisor and liaison with the University. 

Prior to the interim position as Vice President of HR, he served as the University director of employee relations. Trent received his BS from Purdue and a law degree from Indiana University. 

The PURA leadership on the Executive Board are pleased with his appointment and the opportunity to continue working with him. Congratulations, Trent!

Spring Fling Fitness Walk Medals

How many do you have? Do you have a complete set?

The Purdue University Spring Fling is the annual appreciation event for faculty, staff, graduate student staff, and retirees. Attendees who choose to participate in the annual Spring Fling Fitness Walk receive a commemorative medal.

Did you know that for the first three years, the walk was a Volksmarch, which is a 10K non-competitive walk, and was sponsored by the now defunct local Volksmarch walking club? Did you know that there is a back plate on each medal with the words “Spring Fling” and the year?

For those of you that have opted not to remove your medals from the package, here is a listing of the medals awarded through the years.

1991  Hovde Hall 2000  Ross-Ade Stadium 2009  Unfinished Block P
1992  Purdue Memorial Union 2001  Space Shuttle 2010  Amelia Earhart Statue
1993  University Hall 2002  World's Largest Drum 2011  Beverley Stone Marker
1994  Founder's Park 2003  Lion's Head Fountain 2012  The Old Oak Buckert
1995  Slayter Center 2004  Black Cultural Center 2013  Neil Armstrong Statue
1996  Bell Tower 2005  Dauch Alumni Building 2014  Felix Haas Hall
1997  Boilermaker Special 2006  The Boilermaker Statue 2015  John Purdue Statue
1998  Hall of Music 2007  Lawson Computer Sci. Building
1999  Mackey Arena 2008  Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering

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