Managing Supply Chain Disruption

05. Panel / Q and A Session

Dr. Angus McLeod directs the first question from the audience to Bob Galyen about the end-of-life considerations for batteries. Bob mentions the major issues as - getting the batteries back, cost efficient ways of dismantling batteries, conversion process for recovering the minerals, and related new technologies around this process. Bob also mentions the potential shortage of aluminum and copper given their extensive usage in cars and batteries. The next question is directed to Richard about the Online systems and disruptive technologies employed in Wabash. Richard responds by discussing the current Online systems such as Koopa, PowerBI, SAP.


Dr. Angus McLeod - WHIN Consultant, Purdue University
Bob Gaylen - SAE Fellow and Chairman, Battery Standards Steering Committee | Chairman Emeritus/CTO, NAATBatt International
Richard Mansilla - VP of Global Procurement, Wabash National

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