Managing Supply Chain Disruption

04. Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

In this presentation, Richard Mansilla, talks about the humble start and rapid growth of Wabash National, now migrating to WABASH. He talks about the extensive presence of Wabash, its purpose, vision & mission and strategic choices for faster growth through R&D and product development. He continues to talk about global procurement disruptions, both the pandemic induced and otherwise and goes on to explain the various solutions employed by Wabash. He explains in greater detail the strategy development and its intricate parts like market intel, cost management, technology roadmap, etc., reiterating that success will rely on good planning. Benefits of strategic relations as compared to transactional, importance of nearshoring and Online transformation are also discussed. He also talks about achievements of Wabash in corporate responsibility and sustainability.


Richard Mansilla - VP of Global Procurement, Wabash

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