Our detailed gap-analysis of manufacturing companies showed significant opportunities for economic improvement in the region, by focusing attention in three areas of development, whether a machine job-shop or a high-technology production line. These three areas of development are: Smart People, Smart Business (including systemization) and Smart Technology. The very best manufacturers are great at all three.

Courses for WHIN companies/Stakeholders.

Courses are available for all levels of employees, from new-hires to senior management. These courses, including educational Digital Apps, allow everyone in your company to improve their individual knowledge, skills, managing aptitudes and behaviors. We provide other free materials here, including on-site educational resources, easy-to-apply guidance & best-practices (via newsletters, short-papers and professional linked-in groups). We have formed and continue to support, non-competitive regional groups where companies come together to co-learn and upskill in the three areas: Smart People, Smart Business and Smart Technology. The focus for any company is always an area of corporate concern, aspiration or leverage. Spin-off 'Special Interest Groups' meet to fast-track urgent and necessary actions by working as a non-competitive team to move each participating company to confident implementation. Companies have different resources and needs: we deliver specialist experiences in managing change and we help companies to identify the ideal leverage points that will give them effective upticks in corporate performance.