Community Energy

Bicycling has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation on campus, and Purdue University has initiated several projects to be bicycle-friendly and ensure the safety of cyclists.

Bike Racks and Bike Paths

The university has installed bike racks adjacent to most major buildings on campus and is planning for existing and future bike paths to encircle the main campus area in support of this alternative, sustainable transportation method. Cyclists riding on the Purdue campus must register their bicycles with campus police, to aid in law enforcement and recovery in case of theft. Bicycle registration is free.

Bike Repair Stations

Purdue currently has three bicycle “fix-it” stations on campus. These stations are located in front of Harrison Hall, near the bike path in front of Heavilon Hall and Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry, and the third station is located in front of the France Cordova Co-Rec Center. The fix-it stations include all the tools necessary to perform basic bicycle repairs and maintenance tasks, including tires, brakes and derailleurs. A repair arm, which allows a bicycle's pedals and wheels to spin freely while owners make adjustments, is attached to the stations. A QR code located on the front of each station offers detailed instructions to help with repairs. Any smart, Internet-enabled device can access the code.

Future Bicycle and Pedestrian Campus Infrastructure

A steering committee of Purdue University faculty, staff and students, along with the consulting team of Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC and Toole Design Group, Inc., are collaborating to develop a strategy for the future of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on the West Lafayette campus.

Current information on this process is available on the Purdue Bikes website.

Zagster BikeShare

Purdue, with the help of the Alcoa Foundation, has brought bikeshare to Purdue! For only $25, you can get a year long membership, which enables you to ride a zagster bike anywhere! If you check out the bike on the weekday, you can ride for 3 hours before you must check it back into a station, and you are given 6 hours on weekends. If you have a family member on campus, they too can ride by using a $5 day pass. Sign up today and find out more information here!