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Spacesuit Designer Puts Astronauts in Good Hands

Boiler Up - Spacesuit Designer Puts Astronauts in Good Hands

When astronauts go to the Moon or Mars, what spacesuits will protect them there? Amy Ross (BSME '94, MSME '96) is the head of Advanced Spacesuit Pressure Garment Development at NASA.

She designed the gloves that every astronaut has used since 1998; now her sights are set on the future. With the introduction of the Z2 spacesuit, future astronauts will be able to walk, run, kneel down, crawl, and explore planetary surfaces with unprecedented comfort, protection, and versatility.

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Boiler Up - Drew Feustel Suits Up for Third Space Mission

From studying car design in community college and racing in the Purdue Grand Prix to exploring for oil to servicing the Hubble telescope, Dr. Andrew “Drew” Feustel (BS ‘89, MS ’91, EAPS) has had anything but a typical career trajectory.

Drew is a veteran of two spaceflights, having logged more than 29 days in space with over 42 hours in spacewalks.

Drew’s launch to the International Space Station will take place on March 21, 2018. Once at the station, he will join fellow Boilermaker astronaut Scott Tingle, who launched on his mission in December.

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Purduette Becomes a "Professor" of Spacewalking

Boiler Up - Purduette Becomes a “Professor” of Spacewalking

Allissa Battocletti (BSAAE ’11) works for the Flight Operations Directorate at Houston’s Johnson Space Center. Her area of expertise is Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Operations: spacewalks.

Allissa, a former Purduette, works with with Mission Control to write procedures, and actually talk the astronauts through what they need to do

The story of how Allissa came to NASA begins, as many of these stories do, with one small step.

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Scott Tingle becomes Purdue's 23rd astronaut

Boiler Up - Tingle launches to International Space Station

Scott Tingle (MSME '88) is an engineer and a Navy test pilot. At age 52, he's added "astronaut" to that list.

Scott is the 23rd Purdue graduate to become an astronaut, having launched to the International Space Station on December 17, 2017.

The years of training are over, and Scott’s childhood dream has now been realized.

Read the full story about Tingle's journey to space.

"No institution has contributed more to our nation’s human spaceflight program than Purdue. And our university stands ready to prepare and inspire the next generation of space explorers." — Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., President of Purdue University

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