Educational And Awareness Programs

Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education

CARE currently has four education programs that focus on prevention and awareness.

CARE Overview (15-30 minutes)

The presentation gives an overview of the services that are available at CARE.

Sexual Violence 10100 (60-90 minutes)

This program discusses how society normalizes sexual violence. Topics covered include: sexual violence, healthy sexuality and consent, and strategies for making Purdue a safe community.

SOS Training: Supporting Our Survivors (60-90 minutes)

This training focuses on how to recognize and support survivors of sexual violence.

Boilers Stand Up! Bystander Intervention (90 minutes)

Those who attend will be provided with tools to recognize potentially dangerous situations and learn how to safely and effectively intervene to prevent sexual violence on our campus.

To view upcoming events see CARE's Get Educated page.

Respect Boundaries: Sexual Violence Awareness

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, a federal law, requires all new incoming students to receive primary prevention and awareness education about sexual violence. This law went into effect in March of 2014, which means all new freshmen, graduate students, and transfer students enrolling after that date must complete the Respect Boundaries: Sexual Violence Awareness program.

All current students, including new students who are required to complete this program, may access the Respect Boundaries program by logging into Blackboard using your Purdue career account information.

There are four modules associated with the program:

  1. Purdue University Policies and Procedures
  2. Risk Reduction and Prevention
  3. Relationship Violence
  4. Supporting Survivors: Resources and Services

New students must complete all four modules to obtain credit for this program. The program is self-paced and will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance, by email at or by phone at 765-496-3201.

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