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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining an information connection with Purdue retirees on a variety of issues and topics, such as member benefits and programs and events of interest to members.

This connection is maintained through a variety of media, both print and electronic, including the Purdue Retirees Web site, PURA Newsletters, and the Retirees Handbook. Special communication projects, such as the "Purposeful Living in Retirement" seminar brochure and the Deans, Directors and Department Heads Brochure are created and/or maintained by members of the committee.

PURA members are encouraged to assist the Communications Committee by suggesting articles and topics of interest for the newsletter and the Web page and to point out in what ways membership communication can be improved. The committee is ably assisted by Michele Salla, who maintains communications in part through materials distributed at PURA MCL luncheons and through e-mails to those who have access.

Important Communications Committee links are:


* PURA Newsletters [retain this as a link]

* PURA Handbook [retain this as a link]


Members of the committee are:

  • Karen Lembcke, chair, lembckek@purdue.edu
  • Connie Bilyeu
  • Jo Ann Thomas, article contributor

Purdue retirees and spouses are eligible for membership in this or any other PURA committee. Appointments are for a three-year term with membership limited to six consecutive years (two three-year terms). Anyone interested in joining this or any other committee should contact the committee chair.

Last Updated: July 2023