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PURA News - October 2018


NEW: Purdue Retiree Directory

Registration Open:
--November Tour of Bechtel Innovation Design Center and Black Cultural Center 


Reminder:  October is Free Flu Shot Month
Online Retirees Directory Now Available
Over 250 Attend Annual Kickoff Luncheon; Hansen & Nelson Awards Presented
What’s new with PURA?
“Planning Your Future” Seminar Coming in November
Announcing:  Purdue 150th Anniversary Commemorative Benches


PURA Health Insurance Plans Renewed for 2019
Schedule your annual wellness screening with Purdue Nursing Center for Family Health
Parking Via License Plate Recognition Available To Retirees
Purdue Global Education Benefit Available for Official Retirees


PURA Tech Bytes  - By Scott Ksander
Technology Help Available from TCPL

Campus Services News:

Parking Facilities Has Relocated
Boilermaker Butcher Block Has Relocated


Things To Do
October Campus Calendar
Mark your Calendars!  Upcoming PURA Events

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Sign Up for November Tour of Bechtel Innovation Design Center and Black Cultural Center

Bechtel Innovation Design Center and Black Cultural Center Tour


As announced in the September PURA News, PURA’s Campus and Community Committee has organized a tour of two campus facilities on Wednesday, November 7, beginning at 4:00 pm and ending by about 5:30 pm.

PURA members will begin the tour at the new Bechtel Innovation Design Center (BIDC) at 1090 3rd Street in West Lafayette (on the corner of 3rd and Russell Streets). The building houses cutting edge design and manufacturing tools for student use, and the building itself was constructed to reflect a design aesthetic.

After the Bechtel building, PURA members will move to the nearby Black Cultural Center to tour that facility. The BCC sponsors student performing arts ensembles, houses a special collections library and computer lab, and provides student organizations with office and meeting space. The building itself, which opened in June 1999, has received acclaim for the way it draws on motifs of traditional African architecture.

PURA members who sign up for the tour are encouraged to park in the nearby University Street Parking Garage and walk to the BIDC.

To sign up for the tour, send an e-mail to Michele Salla (masalla@purdue.edu). The tour is limited to 30 participants.

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Reminder:  October is Free Flu Shot Month!

As reported in the September PURA News, the university is again providing seasonal flu shots on the West Lafayette campus for its official retirees and their spouses. No appointment needed. Bring your PUID.

October 12 and October 19
7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Daniel (William H.) Turfgrass Research & Diagnostic Center (1340 Cherry Lane) – next to the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex. Wellness screenings also available.

October 24
7:30 ,a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Kurz Purdue Technology Center (KPTC), Conf. Rooms A/B, Research Park, 1281 Win Hentschel Blvd. Wellness screenings also available.

Retirees are encouraged to attend on the above dates, because the higher dosage vaccine, Fluzone High Dose, will be available for those ages 65 and older. This vaccine contains four times the amount of antigen (the part of the vaccine that prompts the body to make antibody) contained in regular flu shots. The additional antigen is intended to create a stronger immune response (more antibody) in the person getting the vaccine. See your provider if you need an alternative vaccine.

Online Retirees Directory Now Available

An electronic directory of Purdue retirees is now available. The purpose of the online directory is to allow Purdue retirees or surviving spouses to locate and contact other retirees and surviving spouses.

All official retirees of Purdue University, Purdue Research Foundation, West Lafayette, IPFW, North West, Calumet and North Central campuses are included in the directory

You will find instructions to access and use the directory on this web page near the top, just under the rotating photos. (See the screenshot below to give you a better idea where to find it.)

Over 250 Attend Annual Kickoff Luncheon; Hansen & Nelson Awards Presented

PURA President Don Gentry and Provost Jay Akridge brought retirees up to date on the “State of PURA” and “Giant Leaps: Positioning Purdue for the next 150 Years” at the annual PURA Kickoff luncheon, attended by more than 250 PURA members.

Don had attended this year’s Big 10 Retirees Associations conference at Penn State and found the other associations still talking about last year’s conference at Purdue, and the great programs sponsored by PURA.

Over 5,000 retirees make up PURA; they live around the world, but about 4,000 continue to live in Indiana. Almost 90 volunteers serve as officers or committee members. Participation in the many activities sponsored by PURA is high.

Support from the University, through annual funding and staff assistance, allows retirees and spouses to be members without paying dues. Our members give back to the University and the community through volunteering, and last year contributed over $120,000 to United Way and over $8 million to the university itself.

Nelson award

Ann Pickett and Sarah Johnson, long-time co-chairs of the annual PURA Kickoff luncheon, received the 2018 Betty M. Nelson Award for service to PURA. (Shown are Ann Pickett, Betty Nelson, and Sarah Johnson.)

Hansen award

The Department of Health and Kinesiology received the 2018 Arthur G. Hansen award recognizing the department’s support of both their own and other Purdue retirees. (Pictured are Don Gentry, Professor Emeritus Larry Leverenz—the nominator— and Dr. Timothy Gavin, department head.)

What’s new with PURA?

Benefits: Cost savings for 2019 PURA Medicare plan premiums. The 2,700 retirees and spouses who have PURA health insurance plans will, depending on the plan held, either see no increase, or a reduction in premium cost. The plans will save our members over $500,000 compared to this year. (See full article for details.) 

PURA Endowments
: Our two endowments are supporting two Martin and Patty Jischke Scholarships, while our new PURA Scholarship endowment now totals over $100,000 and supports five student scholarships. Beginning last year, PURA makes a financial contribution to the PURA Scholarship to recognize service to PURA, as board and committee members step down.

Monthly Luncheons: Luncheon meetings on the first Monday of each month provide great speakers, fun and fellowship. They’re so popular, we are out-growing the meeting room at MCL Cafeteria—a nice problem to have. Beginning in October we will try theater-style room seating. You may still arrive early for lunch—half of the restaurant will be reserved for our members. Then following lunch, you’ll move into the meeting room.

Online Purdue Retirees Directory: This new online resource replaces the retirees’ directory formerly included with the long-out-of-print Purdue telephone book. (Access the instructions and the directory link at the top of this column, just under the rotating pictures.)

PURA Finances: All financial activities have been consolidated under a Finance Committee chaired by our new Treasurer, Lucia Anderson.

Trips and Tours and Community Activities: These two committees, chaired by Mary Alice Nebold and Joma Roe, are now working together to better serve your needs. Watch for special opportunities for members and guests to be announced throughout the year. Social Media Task Force: PURA member Scott Ksander has agreed to keep us informed of social media issues, cyber scams, new technology and toys and trends. Read PURA News for monthly updates.

“Planning Your Future” seminar, November 26: The Program committee has planned a free special program on estate planning, future living options and issues, and end of life planning. Watch for more details soon.

Arthur G. Hansen Award: The Hansen Award has been expanded to award grants to departments to develop activities to serve their retirees.

PLIR: The annual Purposeful Living in Retirement program is slated for April 17, 2019. Registration information coming after the first of the year.

Communications: The PURA News newsletter is published 10 times per year and is currently distributed via email and printed copies. Members may also keep up with PURA happenings and future events on our informative web page (www.purdue.edu/retirees).

NOTE: the printed version of the newsletter will be discontinued as of March, 2019, and distribution will be exclusively via email and the web page. To provide your email address so you can continue to receive the PURA News, use the new Retiree Directory (described in the article above) or send email to Michele Salla, masalla@purdue.edu. More reminders about this transition will appear in upcoming months.

“Planning Your Future” Seminar Coming in November

PURA will present a special FREE half-day seminar on “Planning Your Future” in November. This half-day seminar will provide an overview of the many decisions all of us face as we move into our senior years.

Join us for an afternoon of important information provided by experts in their respective fields. Even if you think you’ve made your plans, come and listen to be sure you’ve thought of everything.

This event will take place on Monday, November 26, 2018, in Stewart Center, Rooms 214 A-D. More information coming soon, in the November PURA News and on the PURA web site, www.purdue.edu/retirees


Announcing:  Purdue 150th Anniversary Commemorative Benches


Celebrate Purdue’s sesquicentennial—“150 Years of Giant Leaps”—and leave your mark on campus! Your $25,000 contribution sponsors a stylish seating area along State Street, complete with a plaque honoring your generosity. A perfect opportunity to show your Boilermaker pride!

Learn more! Contact Diane Klassen at DMKlassen@prf.org, phone 765-494-7589, or visit www.purdue.edu/evertrue/statestreet

PURA Health Insurance Plans Renewed for 2019

PURA’s Benefits Committee has renewed the PURcare and Medicare Advantage PPO group health insurance plans with United Healthcare (UHC) for 2019. As in the past, the objective was to maintain the very best medical and drug insurance plans, at the lowest premium possible, while preserving your ability to see the Medicare provider of your choice.

Your committee is pleased to announce the following monthly premiums for 2019: PURcare (UHC Senior Supplement plus Part D prescription plan) $265.39/member. UHC Medicare Advantage PPO (including Part D prescription plan) $208.49/member

The 2019 monthly PURcare premium is a decrease of $17.34 from the 2018 monthly premium, a saving of 6.1% per month. Historically, the PURcare premium (per member per month) has been:

Plan Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Monthly premium $276.22 $263.96 $263.85 $282.73 $265.39

For PURcare members with prescription coverage from the Veteran’s Administration, the 2019 supplement-only monthly premium will be $181.62/member, a decrease of $6.99 (3.7%).

The 2019 premium for the Medicare Advantage PPO Plan remains unchanged. This premium has remained constant since 2015. There will be no change to Hospital and Medical co-pays or the Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

There have been only minor changes to the benefits provided by either plan for 2019. In order to comply with new guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will announce changes to 2019 prescription drug plans to better address the utilization of opioid medications. UHC will mail the required Annual Notice of Change with these and other details.

The PURA Benefits Committee’s goal for the future is to continue to provide outstanding group health insurance plans while maintaining stability in monthly premiums.

If you are currently enrolled in either of the plans, PURcare or Medicare Advantage PPO, and you do not want to make a change, no action is required. Your coverage will automatically continue for 2019. Re-enrollment is not required!

If you elect to terminate your PURA group coverage for a non-PURA plan, you will not be permitted to rejoin at a later time.

PURA members continue to receive outstanding support from Purdue Human Resources. PURA’s plans support a portion of the cost of these staff. Please contact Kate LaMar with questions at klamar@purdue.edu or (765) 494-1694.

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Schedule your annual wellness screening with Purdue Nursing Center for Family Health

The Purdue Nursing Center for Family Health will be doing screenings year-round. Screenings include Lipid profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and Calculated Risk Ratio) with a glucose, blood pressure check, pulse and review of medical history.  Please call Chris Rearick, MSN, RN, to schedule. (crearick@purdue.edu, 765-496-0308.)


Parking Facilities Has Relocated

Parking Facilities has relocated to the Materials Management and Distribution Center (MMDC), 700 Ahlers Drive, near the intersection of South Russell Street and Ahlers Drive in West Lafayette.

 Phone numbers and email addresses for staff remain the same. Parking Facilities can be reached by phone at 765-494-9497 or via email at parking@purdue.edu from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Parking Via License Plate Recognition Now Available

The December 2017 PURA News announced that Purdue University (West Lafayette Campus) Parking Facilities was about to initiate implementation of its new License Plate Recognition (LPR) software. You may recall that the LPR system allows Parking Facilities to enforce parking using the vehicle’s license plate rather than a physical permit displayed in the window. The system allows parking enforcement officers to utilize a scanner that reads license plates as they patrol to determine if a vehicle parked in that space has been properly registered with Purdue Parking facilities for on-campus parking.

What does this mean for Purdue University retirees? THERE IS NO IMPACT FOR CURRENT PURDUE UNIVERSITY RETIREES!

You received a Gold Purdue University parking permit during August 2017. This permit allows the privilege of parking on campus through July 31, 2022. Purdue retirees whose retirement dates were before January 15, 2018, will, if they wish, continue to receive physical parking permits after August 31, 2022.

Retirees, upon acceptance of a post-retirement appointment, will register their vehicles using the LPR system.

There is no intent to require current retirees to convert to the LPR system, but retirees may do so if they wish.

1. To complete the registration, you will need to have the following information available:

a)  License Plate Number and Type

b)  Registration Expiration Month and Year

c)  Vehicle Make, Model, Year and Color

Reminder: you may register more than one vehicle, but no more than one vehicle may be parked on campus at any time

2. To access the “Parking Portal”, a valid Purdue Career Account (Username/Password) will be required. If you know your Username and Password, you will be able to continue with the login and registration of your vehicle(s).

If you do not know or have forgotten your Username and Password and you wish to register your vehicle(s) on LPR, you should contact IT@P at 494-4000 for assistance in updating your Purdue Career Account.

If you do not have a current Career Account, you should contact the HR Services Center at 494-2222 for assistance in gaining authorization to establish a Career Account. Following the HR authorization, IT@P will aid you in establishing a valid Purdue Career Account.

3. DO NOT DESTROY THE GOLD PARKING PERMIT. You will still need it to gain access to the University’s gated parking facilities. You will be notified when the gated parking facilities are converted to LPR.

Step by step instructions for registering your vehicle(s) using the LPR System

While as retirees we are not required to convert our vehicle registration to LPR, we can assist the University by being a part of its implementation now.

Boilermaker Butcher Block Has Relocated

The Animal Sciences’ department’s Butcher Block has relocated its facility to the Land O’ Lakes Inc. Center for Experiential Learning, Rm. 1222, at 720 Clinic Drive, West Lafayette. The new building is on Harrison Street, to the west of the Harrison Street parking garage.

There is convenient parking in front of the building, or you may park in the Harrison Street garage with your A parking permit.

The Boilermaker Butcher Block is a state inspected meat plant and all products are BOAH inspected and passed.

Hours:  Wed., Thur., Fri.  11:00 am—4:30 pm
Web page, with product list and prices:   www.ag.purdue.edu/ansc/ButcherBlock  
Phone:  (765) 494-8285

Purdue Global Education Benefit Available for Official Retirees

Purdue University recently announced a new educational tuition benefit available to official retirees through the newly established Purdue University Global (PG) online university.

Official retirees from any Purdue system campus can take advantage of the tuition benefit to pursue certificates, associate, bachelors and master’s degrees tuition free. Purdue Global offers more than 100 degree and non-degree programs to choose from.

Spouses and dependents of official retirees as defined in Policy VI.A.1: Status and Privileges of Retired Faculty and Staff, Surviving Spouses and Surviving Children are provided the opportunity to pursue a degree online from Purdue Global and receive a partial fee remission.

Before beginning the enrollment process, there are few things to know and do.
1.  Review the PG Education Benefits Guidelines, the PG Education Benefit Manual, and FAQs located here,  which provides more details about the PG Education Benefit, program requirements, and specific tuition discounts by program.

2.  Next, complete the Intake Form located here.  Be sure to fill in the program of study and desired start date you are interested in – which will allow the appropriate admissions advisor to reach out and reduce potential delays in form processing.

3.  Email your completed Intake Form to edbenefits@purdueglobal.edu 

4.  Once a completed intake form is submitted, an admissions advisor will call to help complete the admissions process. Due to the volume of interest and individualized attention, the advisor’s response may take up to six business days.

Purdue University Global Resources

To view Purdue Global programs offered, visit the Purdue Global website.  For program of study assistance call 844-787-3834.

Policy VI.A.1: Status and Privileges of Retired Faculty and Staff, Surviving Spouses and Surviving Children is located here.
For questions regarding the PG Education Benefit, visit the Purdue Global Education Remission Benefit website  or email the Bursar at remissions@purdue.edu 

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PURA Tech Bytes  - By Scott Ksander

This is the first of a series of articles requested by the PURA Board to try to keep PURA members in touch with current technical issues, and in particular, security threats. The style and content of the articles will develop over time with your input. Feel free to contact me at ksander@purdue.edu

There are a number of scams that seem particularly popular now. To protect yourself, please understand the following facts:

*Microsoft, or any representative of Microsoft, will NEVER call you on the phone. If you get a call, just hang up. Your Windows “license” does NOT expire. Any warning about that is false. Ignore it.

*NO “security center” is monitoring your PC or will call you because they have noticed “unusual activity”. This is a FRAUD. If you get a call, just hang up.

*The IRS will NEVER call you on the phone about anything. They will send you a letter via the U.S. Postal Service. If you get a call, just hang up. More information at: https://youtu.be/i4nCy6Xs6R8

The single most important thing you can do is be sure you have a current anti-virus product on your machine. Many are good. More information at: https://tinyurl.com/ycspeqrb 

Technology Help

The Tippecanoe County Public Library offers one-on-one technology help sessions. Customers can learn how to get free library downloads such as eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and movies. You can also get help with digitizing photos and slides, social media, and using your phone or tablet. Other topics may be available on request depending on staff expertise. Sessions are held regularly on Mondays

and Wednesdays at the Downtown Library, and Tuesdays at the Klondike Branch. You can make a reservation at the library or by calling 765-429-0113. Drop-in sessions are occasionally held evenings or weekends.

Clayton Higbee, Reference Librarian is happy to answer any questions you might have regarding any of the above-listed services.

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October Campus Calendar


Oct. 8-9—Fall break, no classes (Offices are open)

Music: Free and open to the public.

Oct. 12—American Music Repertory Ensemble and Lab Jazz Band. 8 p.m. Stewart Center, Loeb Playhouse.

Oct. 14
—Purdue Bells in worship services. 8:30 and 11 a.m. First United Methodist Church, 1700 W. State St., West Lafayette.

Oct. 14
—Fall Concert Bands. 2:30 p.m. Long Center, 111 N. Sixth St., Lafayette.

Oct. 18
—Purdue Jazz Band, Tower of Power Band, and Guitar & Saxophone Ensemble. 8 p.m. Stewart Center, Loeb Playhouse.

Oct. 20
—Purdue Varsity Glee Club 125th Anniversary Alumni Concert and Celebration. Concert: 4-6 p.m.; Elliott Hall of Music 

Oct. 21
—Purdue Bells in worship services. 10:30 a.m. Federated Church, 2400 Sycamore Lane.

Oct. 21
—Purduettes in worship services. 10:45 a.m. Immanuel United Church of Christ, 1526 S. 18th St., Lafayette.


Film: Free and open to the public

Oct. 2—World Film Forum: "The Fortress" (2017, historical drama, 140 minutes, South Korea, English subtitles). Presenter: Song No, associate professor of Spanish, School of Languages and Cultures. 7:30 p.m. West Lafayette Public Library, 208 W. Columbia St.


Oct. 20—vs. Ohio State (Pack Ross-Ade Day). Noon.

Women's Volleyball, 
Brees Center, Belin Court in Holloway Gymnasium

Oct. 10—vs. Penn State. 7 p.m.
Oct. 18—vs. Maryland. 7 p.m.
Oct. 20—vs. Ohio State. 7 p.m.

Women's Soccer
, Folk Field, free

Oct. 5—vs. Minnesota. 7 p.m.
Oct. 7—vs. Wisconsin. 1 p.m.

Baseball, Alexander Field, Admission free to fall baseball.

Oct. 6—exhibition vs. Parkland College. 10 a.m.
Oct. 12—fall scrimmage vs. Ontario Travel Team. 2 p.m.
Oct. 13—exhibition vs. Heartland College. 10 a.m.
Oct. 20, 26, 27—intra-squad Old Gold and Black Series. Times TBA.

Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming PURA Events

1 October PURA Monthly Meeting, MCL Cafeteria, 11 am.
Topic: Purdue’s Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2019
Speaker: Kelly Hiller, Director, Purdue Sesquicentennial Communications

8-9 October Final days to register to vote in Indiana general election, including U.S. Senate & House races. Deadline is October 9.

10 October PURA Common Read Discussion and Tour of Wilmeth Learning Center. 4:00-5:30 pm.
Dean Emeritus Jim Mullins's book A Purdue Icon: Creation, Life, and Legacy, about the north Purdue Power Plant and Engineering Administration building Space is limited. Registration: email Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu

12, 19, 24 October Flu Shots, Free for official retirees and spouses. (See article above for details.)

5 November PURA monthly meeting, MCL Cafeteria, 11:00 am.
Topic: Tech Toys III & Top Tech Concerns of the Day.
Speaker: Scott Ksander

6 November ELECTION Day 7 November PURA tour of Bechtel Innovation Design Center and Black Cultural Center. 4:00-5:30 pm. Space is limited. Registration: email Michele Salla at masalla@purdue.edu .  

26 November PURA Planning Your Future conference. Stewart Center, Rooms 214 A-D. More information coming soon.

3 December PURA monthly meeting, MCL Cafeteria, 11:00 am.
Topic: “From Pharmacies to Farm-acies: How the food we eat and the way we eat it can lead to health and longevity”.
Speaker: Gary Ulrich, IU School of Medicine

7 January PURA monthly meeting, MCL Cafeteria, 11:00 am.
Topic: “The Future of K-12 education in Indiana, and the Greater Lafayette Career & Technical Education Center”.
Speaker: Scott Hanback, Superintendent, Tippecanoe School Corporation

17 April 2019 PURA Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference. Beck Agricultural Center, West Lafayette.

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