CERIAS’ 22nd annual Security Symposium to foster industry, academia collaborations, advance cybersecurity research

Cybersecurity experts from around the country will convene virtually Oct. 19-20 to discuss emerging threats and opportunities, and to set the stage for future research.

The 22nd annual CERIAS Security Symposium will bring together academia, government and industry leaders in the fields of cyber and cyberphysical systems, which integrate computation, networking, sensing, control and physical processes. CERIAS (the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security) at Purdue University is a world-leading interdisciplinary academic institute addressing education and research issues of security, privacy, resiliency, trusted electronics, autonomy and explainable artificial intelligence. CERIAS-affiliated faculty are drawn from 20 different academic departments at Purdue, and are providing education, training and workforce development programs to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

This year, the two-day virtual symposium will include presentations and discussions that focus on emerging threats, risks and technologies in cyber and cyberphysical systems. It will include talks on trusted microelectronics, ransomware and cybersecurity in aeronautics and astronautics. Keynote speakers are Rob Joyce, director, U.S. Cybersecurity Directorate, NSA; Wen Masters, vice president of Cyber Technologies, MITRE; and Amit Yoran, CEO, Tenable Security.

The event will also showcase current students engaged with the institute, including a series of lightning talks from students on current research projects.

“The CERIAS Security Symposium showcases the research conducted at Purdue and highlights from frontline government and industry experts, which heavily influences the research we’re conducting,” said Joel Rasmus, CERIAS managing director. “This event provides an opportunity for all attendees to broaden their perspectives by learning from – and question – world-class cybersecurity leaders from academia, government and industry. Annually this event helps shape our research agenda, educational initiatives and industry.”

This year’s Symposium closes out a week of cybersecurity-related events, including the Indiana Statewide Cybersecuity Summit on Oct. 18, the fifth annual Sandia National Laboratory TracerFIRE cyberforensic student event on Oct. 16-17, and a board meeting for the industry organizations that help establish the institute’s research and educational agenda.

Purdue made investments in cybersecurity and secure microelectronics this year through its Next Moves initiatives, strategic focus areas that will continue to advance the university’s competitive advantage.

The CERIAS Symposium is open to cybersecurity-interested leaders, researchers, administrators, practitioners, and trainees across commercial industry, academia, and government. Continuing education credits are available for most cybersecurity and IT related certifications.  To view the agenda, and register for the virtual CERIAS 22nd Annual Security Symposium.

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Source: Joel Rasmus, jrasmus@purdue.edu

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