Westwood Lecture Series

The Westwood Lecture Series is an opportunity for Purdue faculty to interact with colleagues on scholarly work from a wide range of fields. President Mung Chiang resumed the lecture series as part of his efforts to continue enhancing the intellectual vibrancy of the Purdue West Lafayette campus. 

Each lecture will take place 4:30-5:30 p.m. at Westwood, the Purdue president’s residence. Space is limited to the first 75 faculty who register. 

Next Event 

April 27, 2023: J. Jill Suitor, distinguished professor of sociology and faculty associate of the Center on Aging and the Life Course, will discuss “Maybe Mom Did Always Love You Best, But Does it Really Matter? Mothers’ Favoritism and Disfavoritism in Later-Life Families.”

Previous Events 

March 1, 2023: Mara Faccio, the Tom and Patty Hefner Chair in Finance and professor of management, on “Politics and Finance: International Evidence.”

Feb. 23, 2023: Robert Stahelin, the Retter Professor of Pharmacy, on “Host Lipid-dependent Assembly and Budding of Emerging Viral Pathogens.” 

Jan. 25, 2023: Chi Hwan Lee, the Leslie A. Geddes Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and associate professor of mechanical engineering and, by courtesy, materials engineering and speech, language, and hearing sciences, on “Sticker-like Electronics for Wearable Healthcare.”