Purdue Online Learning 2.0 – Military Advisory Board Read-Out

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – An in-person meeting of the Purdue Online Learning 2.0 Military Advisory Board convened on March 22, 2024 for a dialogue aimed at extending Purdue’s reach of service in support of the military-affiliated community through the distinct qualities of Purdue Global (PG) and Purdue University Online (PUO).

OIP Vision by VP Farmus

  • Goal is to support the most strategic initiatives in partnership with Industry Partners.
  • Align our team and portfolio with Purdue priorities and strategic initiative.
  • Subset of departments working with industry.
  • Leverage individual connections with corporations and alliances.
  • Management of top 100 companies based on Purdue initiatives.
  • We look across the metrics to connect faculty, companies, and mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • Adjustment of strategy and models based increased need to educate workforce (advanced degree in AI, microelectronics/semiconductors, etc.).
  • Continuous review of metrics and strategies with key companies (Eli Lilly) and areas of engagement.

2023 Recap of Strategic Initiatives by ED Gumbs

  • U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy engagement (PG)
  • Community College of the Air Force Partnership reestablished (PG)
  • Defense Acquisition Univ. Partnership five-year renewal (PG)
  • Vandenberg Space Force Base opening (PG)
  • U.S. Navel Test Pilot School partnership (PUO)
  • Increased presence at military affiliated events (PG/PUO)
  • Found not viable for Community College of the Navy (PG)
  • Could not secure United Services Organization partnership (USO)
  • Did not pursue USN College Program for Afloat College Program due to accreditation complexities

OIP Calendar Year 2024 Military Priorities by ED Gumbs

  • U.S. Space Force University Partnership Program expansion (PG/PUO)
  • U.S. Naval Community College Consortium partnership (PG)
  • U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine Degree Pathways partnership (PG/PUO)
  • Naval Nuclear Reactors Pathways for Officer Advanced degrees (PUO)
  • Naval Air Warfighting Development Center Pathways for Advanced credentials (PUO)
  • Community College Partnerships near military installations (PG)

Purdue Global (PG) Brief(s) by Ms. Fowler, Mr. Bufka, and Ms. Kent on:

  • Center(s) for Prior Learning Recognition (CPLR)
  • Center for Career Advancement (CCA)
  • Military Student Experience

Purdue Univ Online (PUO) Brief(s) by Prof Hussain, Mr. Bailey, and SVP Peroulis on:

  • VETS Inclusion and Competency Toward Semiconductor Technology (VICTORS)
  • Cyber Technical Assistance Program (cyberTAP)
  • Artificial Intelligence Degree/Certificate Programs

Working Lunch, PG/PUO topics of interest, member recommendation session, final thoughts:

  • Discussion on needed staff to succeed in serving military community/strategically partner w/ DOD
  • Discussion on opportunities for the univ. to replicate existing partnerships with services
  • Discussion on MAB’s ability to leverage connections to support military educational partnerships
  • Discussion on Budget alignment to support Office of Industry Partnerships Military Team growth
  • Discussion on highlighting importance on initiatives like CPLR and veterans in support of CHIPS Act
  • Discussion on C-Suite level engagement between University leaders and DOD
  • Discussion on MAB’s ability to make recommendations to Univ. leadership in areas of National need

Hypersonics Applied Research Facility Tour:

  • Tour provided insights into the capabilities and opportunities for collaboration between online education and military relevant research happening at Purdue.

Military Advisory Board March 2024 Meeting Participants:

  • ADM Charlie Ray, USCG (Ret)
  • LTG Karen Gibson, USA (Ret)
  • VADM Scott Van Buskirk, USN (Ret)
  • Lt Gen Chris Weggeman, USAF (Ret)
  • VADM Kendall Card, USN (Ret)
  • Maj Gen Theresa Carter, USAF (Ret) (also University BOT member)
  • Ms. Steffanie Easter, DOD (Ret)
  • Dr. Frank Dooley – Chancellor PG
  • Dr. Dimitri Peroulis – Senior Vice President PUO
  • Dr. Carolyn Nordstrom – Provost PG
  • VP Cristina Farmus – Purdue Office of Industry Partnerships
  • AVP Diana Hancock – Purdue Office of Industry Partnerships
  • ED Kelvin Gumbs – Purdue Office of Industry Partnerships
  • Ms. Eva Nodine – Purdue University Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Adam Bufka – PG CCA
  • Ms. Allegra Fowler – PG CPLR
  • Ms. Barbara Kent – PG Military Student Experience
  • Mr. George Bailey – PUO cyberTAP
  • Ms. Carly Turow- PUO cyberTAP
  • Prof Muhammad Hussain – PUO VICTORS
  • Ms. Kristi Reynolds – Office of Industry Partnerships
  • Ms. Emily Metheny – Office of Industry Partnerships