Military Advisory Board

Purdue’s distinguished panel of expert veterans are an instrumental force in transforming the landscape of online education for military-affiliated students, forging a brighter future for those who have dedicated their lives to service and their families.

Purdue University, renowned for its dedication to innovation and excellence in education, has taken a significant step in supporting military-affiliated students pursuing their academic aspirations through online education. The university proudly announced the formation of its Military Advisory Board, a distinguished panel of experts and veterans, brought together to devise creative solutions to enhance the educational experience of military-connected learners.

With this forward-thinking approach, Purdue University is reaffirming its dedication to providing top-tier education for our military heroes and their families, wherever they may be in the world.

Military Advisory Board Members

The Military Advisory Board brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that the unique challenges and needs of military-affiliated students are addressed comprehensively. Together they bring more than 270 years of collective military experience. The Boards valuable insights will pave the way for new programs, resources, and support systems tailored specifically to empower these students to thrive in online education.

Ex Officio Members

Our esteemed ex officio members bring invaluable expertise and leadership to the Military Advisory Board. Their unique perspectives and contributions enhance the collective strength of our advisory board, ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed approach to supporting military-affiliated students and advancing our online education initiatives. Get to know the accomplished professionals who play a pivotal role in shaping the success of our military education programs.

Are you passionate about supporting military-affiliated students and military education initiatives? The Military Advisory Board and our Office of Industry Partnerships are eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.  Whether you’re interested in forging partnerships, contributing to our initiatives, or exploring opportunities, we welcome your involvement.