Terms and Conditions of Administrative and Professional Staff Employment (VI.F.5)

Volume VI: Human Resources
Chapter F: Terms and Conditions of Employment
Issuing Office: Human Resource Services
Responsible Officer: President
Responsible Office: Human Resource Services
Originally Issued: September 26, 2008
Most Recently Revised: November 18, 2011


Statement of Policy
Reason for Policy
Who Should Know This Policy
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Existing and future administrative and professional staff of Purdue University are covered by the terms and conditions of employment defined in this policy.


All members of the Administrative/Professional (A/P) Staff are responsible to become familiar with all policies and procedures that relate to their employment, both those now published and those adopted from time to time by the University and/or the Board of Trustees of The Trustees of Purdue University. Such policies and procedures are included as terms and conditions of employment of members of the A/P Staff.


  • President
  • Provost
  • Chancellors
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors / Department Heads
  • Human Resource Services Staff
  • Business Office Staff
  • Administrative/Professional Staff
  • Deans
  • Supervisors


University Policy B-4 Political Activities
University Policy B-10 Policy on Intellectual Property
University Policy C-1 Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Requirements
University Policy C-39 Conflicts of Interest and Supplement
University Policy VI.F.1 Separation Pay Policy
University Policy VI.D.1 Grievance Policy for A/P and C/S Staff Members

See University Policies, Human Resources for other policies affecting administrative and professional staff.


West Lafayette Campus

  • Human Resource Services — Employee Relations Team (765) 494-1679
  • Human Resource Services — Compensation Team (765) 494-7137

Calumet Campus — Human Resources Department (219) 989-2254

Fort Wayne Campus — Human Resources Department (260) 481-6677

North Central Campus — Human Resources Department (219) 785-5300


Administrative/Professional Staff (A/P) Management, Administrative, Professional, Supervisory, Operations Assistant, Professional Assistant, Technical Assistant, and Extension Educators whether regular or temporary, full-time or part-time. Includes temporary appointments in the listed classifications.
Benefits Eligible An administrative or professional staff member employed half-time or more in a position that is expected to continue for more than a year.
FTE Full-time equivalent
Regular An A/P staff member employed half-time or more in a position that is expected to continue for more than one year.
Temporary An administrative or professional staff member who is employed for a limited period of time during the year, or whose employment is intermittent, irregular, casual, or seasonal, and which may be either full-time or part-time during the period employed.
University Purdue University, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue University Calumet, and Purdue University North Central.


Associate staff, affiliate staff, and student staff; graduate student administrative and professional staff; and clerical and service staff are not included within the Administrative/Professional Staff classification.

Coaches may have written contracts of employment which specify a specific term of employment and which govern the terms and conditions of their employment relationship with the University. Coaches are members of the Administrative/Professional Staff.


New Hires

Use of the Form 19 A/P for new appointments was discontinued on June 11, 2007.

When extending offers of employment for an A/P Staff position, departments are required to extend a written offer letter that includes the following items:

  • Salary (presented as a monthly amount)
  • Effective date of employment
  • Term of appointment (academic year or fiscal year)
  • Title of position
  • FTE
  • Contingencies:
    • All offer letters must include a statement that the offer is contingent upon the approval of the Provost or the appropriate Direct Report to the President
    • Approval of the President for Direct Reports and those reporting to them
    • Other requirements such as licensing or certifications, etc.
    • A statement that the offer letter is not intended to create a contract of employment for a definite term.
    • Authorization to work in the U.S.
  • Moving expense reimbursement (if offered)
  • Benefits package information (when applicable)
  • References to appropriate executive memoranda and policy documents, including the Faculty and Staff Handbook
  • Information about required I-9 documentation
  • Any other terms specific to the particular position being offered (for example, background checks)
  • Expected response date

Sample offer letters can be viewed online in the Staff Recruitment and Selection Procedures Manual and at the Business@Purdue Web site.

Current A/P Staff

The employment relationship of current A/P Staff who have an existing Form 19 A/P will be continued as described below.

Employment Period

Except as provided in this Policy, there is no definite period of employment for any member of the A/P Staff. Either the A/P Staff member or the University may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice, with or without cause.

Staff Benefits

Regular employees of the Administrative/Professional Staff are eligible for a variety of benefits detailed in the Faculty and Staff Handbook and University policies.

Administrative/Professional Appointments Held By Faculty

Persons who are appointed to the faculty may at the same time be appointed to an Administrative/Professional Staff position, e.g., head of department or dean of a college. Administrative/Professional appointments of tenured as well as non-tenured faculty members are made and continue in existence solely at the option of the University and may be terminated at any time without cause. The termination of an A/P appointment does not thereby terminate or otherwise affect the status of a faculty appointment as evidenced by the faculty employment contract.


Administrative/Professional Staff members who wish to resign their employment with the University are asked to provide a letter of resignation and are encouraged to give a minimum of two (2) weeks notice. The staff member and the supervisor should have a discussion to determine the employee's actual termination date.

Termination of Employment

In all cases, department heads/supervisors must consult with Human Resource Services before terminating an A/P staff member's employment. When the University initiates termination of an Administrative/Professional staff member's employment, the provisions of the Separation Pay Policy will apply.

The A/P Staff member's employing department should process appropriate termination paperwork.


If there is any legislative reduction in state or federal appropriations or other funding from which Administrative/Professional salaries are paid, the University may reduce such salaries accordingly.

In all other cases, department heads/supervisors should consult with Human Resource Services when considering salary adjustments that are not part of the annual budget process. Reductions in the amount of salary paid to a member of the A/P Staff will only be approved by the Director of Human Resource Services under the following conditions:

  1. the employee accepts a University position with a lower salary;
  2. the FTE worked by the employee is reduced, voluntarily, or involuntarily;
  3. the position is reclassified;
  4. there is a reduction in funding from state or federal appropriations,
  5. there is a significant reduction in responsibilities, as determined by Human Resource Services through a position classification review.

Such salary reductions may only occur at the time of the qualifying event.

Modifications of the Policy

No officer or employee of Purdue University is authorized to waive or modify any of the provisions of this policy except with prior approval by the Board of Trustees of The Trustees of the Purdue University or by the President of the University.


November 18, 2011: Policy number changed to VI.F.5 (formerly IV.14.5).

April 1, 2011: Revised the definition of Regular.

September 26, 2008: Supersedes Executive Memorandum B-55, “Terms and Conditions of Employment of Administrative and Professional Staff,” dated March 16, 1979.

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