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January 7, 2013

PRF email exchange update to require some to clear email, calendar cache

Effective Tuesday (Jan. 8), Purdue Research Foundation will update its email exchange. These updates will require anyone with an @purdue.edu email address who contacts PRF employees to clear their email and calendar cache for each PRF employee they contact. The cache should be cleared on Tuesday morning.

The email addresses of PRF employees will not change, so clearing the cache will prevent an automated email address link to the former email exchange. If the cache is not cleared on or after Jan. 8 and an email is sent from an individual's email cache using the former exchange, the PRF employee will not receive the email or calendar invite. Because the former exchange remains active, the sender will not be notified that the email was not received by the recipient.

Directions explaining how to clear the cache are available at http://prf.org/sites/default/files/clear_cache_in_outlook.pdf.

Questions regarding clearing the cache or other concerns may be sent to the PRF IT Department at help@prf.org.