re|course is our initiative to take Purdue ME to the next level of innovation, productivity, and performance. Mechanical engineering, the first engineering department at Purdue, continues to lead in exploring “what’s next?” for Purdue Engineering. In recognition of our national leadership, the National Science Foundation (NSF) selected Purdue ME to participate in its bold REvolutionizing engineering & computer science Departments (RED) program.

To prepare ourselves for the future, we will be transforming the culture within the ME department. By that we mean we will actively work to change the patterns in the way we think about each other, behave toward each other, and do things together. All of us: faculty, staff and students.

This semester our teams have been working towards making the Co-op program more flexible, implementing a scalable alumni mentoring program, experimenting with new student assessments & conceptual understanding activities, and expanding students’ global competencies through intercultural assessments. Learn more about our scalable research-to-practice initiatives on our re|course site.