Dr. Jennifer DeBoer

Dr. Jennifer DeBoer is currently an Assistant Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Her research focuses on international education systems, individual and social development, technology use and STEM learning, and educational environments for diverse learners.

Dr. DeBoer obtained her Ph.D. in international education policy studies from Vanderbilt University in 2012 and two bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and foreign languages from MIT. Before joining the faculty of engineering education at Purdue in 2014, she served as a postdoctoral associate for education research at MIT.

Her work addresses the complex social, cultural, and economic background factors that facilitate diverse students’ paths through the engineering education system around the world. Most recently, this has meant investigating the different ways in which students engage with MOOCS. She is interested in better understanding how online and blended learning spaces can support individual learners.

DeBoer currently serves as co-director of the International Institute for the Development of Engineering Academics (IIDEA) and associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Education.