Edward Berger is an Associate Professor of Engineering Education and Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, joining Purdue in August 2014.  He has been teaching broadly in mechanical engineering for over 20 years, and has worked extensively on the integration and assessment of specific technology interventions in mechanics classes.  He was one of the co-leaders in 2013-2014 of the ASEE Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) for mechanics educators across the country.

His current research focuses on student problem-solving processes and use of worked examples, change models and evidence-based teaching practices in engineering curricula, and the role of non-cognitive and affective factors in student academic outcomes and overall success. He is the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career, including University of Cincinnati College of Engineering Professor of the Year (2001-2002), the University of Virginia All-University Teaching Award (2007), and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia award for Teaching with Technology (2008; an award for which all higher education professionals in Virginia are eligible).