Benefits of Study Abroad


Study Abroad students are doing what they would be doing on campus (earning academic credit towards their degrees) while putting themselves in positions to benefit from what could never be offered in West Lafayette, IN.  The experiential learning opportunities provided through study abroad programing are unparalleled.  

  • Endless course offerings, taught on-location
  • Attractive application element for internships and graduate school
  • Experiential, often hands-on learning outside the traditional classroom


Only around 15 percent of US college graduates enter the workforce with an international experience on their resumes.  Applicants who have studied internationally enter interviews ready to speak confidently and with enthusiasm about a topic sure to be brought up by employers.  Study Abroad students can bring experiences and perspectives that others cannot.

  • A unique and valuable resume building/interviewing experience
  • Develop a broad world-view, sure to be utilized in an ever growing global workforce
  • Learn to work with people who solve problems differently than you do


On a daily basis, study abroad students are testing the skills they have, while developing new abilities.  Not only are they seeing the world, they are engaging with peoples and places that invigorate a desire to learn, understand, and communicate.  Studying abroad is fun, fulfilling, and fascinating.   

  • Develop independence, flexibility, and grit
  • Experience new ways of living while supported by your university
  • Learn what you are like/dislike, good at/not good at, while still an undergraduate