Letter to Summer 2003 Students from the Director


TO: 2003 Summer Abroad Students

FROM: Dr. Brian Harley, Director

DATE: March 28, 2003

Dear Summer Study Abroad Student:

I am sure you are looking forward to your study abroad experience this summer and the Study Abroad Office looks forward to this too, times four hundred. You are watching news about war coverage in Iraq; the Study Abroad Office is likewise monitoring this situation. But more than watching the news, we are regularly in consultation with overseas program leaders, with constituencies across the Purdue campus, with colleagues at other Big-10 universities, and with national safety and security resources.

No programs have been cancelled, either at Purdue or at any other American universities. And because every indication is that the conflict will be limited to the Middle East, we do not anticipate any cancellations. At the same time, Purdue is committed first and foremost to student safety. No students will be permitted to study abroad in areas where there is evidence that they will be at risk.

Some of you may have friends abroad currently. As you may know, no Purdue students have elected to withdraw and come home and we are not anticipating this. We encourage students abroad to continue to make wise choices (i.e. see recent letter
http://www.studyabroad.purdue.edu/safety/director_letter.cfm) and we are encouraged to hear that feedback from abroad has been positive.

If at any time you wish to discuss the student services available at your destination or learn more about how safety and security is being addressed, please contact the Office of Programs for Study Abroad at any time. I would also invite you to share this communication with your parents along with my direct invitation for them to contact me with questions.

I look forward to meeting you at the pre-departure orientation next Wednesday and I wish you all the best both for the completion of this semester and for a successful study abroad experience this summer

Brian Harley