Honors Contract

All students participating in a study abroad program are registered for an SA course number as a placeholder for the approved department credit.  When submitting your Honors contract request, we will need to know the department course you are wanting to receive the H mode for (not the SA course number).

Prior to determining your intent to enter into an Honors contract in a specific course, you and the faculty member teaching the course for which you wish to have an Honors Contract, should carefully review the Honors contract expectations

Please note the following for consideration of a course taught on your study abroad program to be considered for Honors contracting.

  • The course must be taught by a Purdue University Professor.
  • Faculty are not obligated to offer Honors credit for courses taught on study abroad.
  • Each course must be contracted separately.  
  • You must submit the department course number that you wish to receive the Honors grade mode for (not the SA course number).
  • The request for Honors Contracting must be in place and approved prior to the start of your study abroad program.

 Workflow process for Honors Contract approval:

  1. DO NOT request a grade mode change using the Scheduling Assistant in myPurdue for courses taken on a study abroad program.
  2. Review the requirements to complete the Honors contract within the appropriate college that the credit is awarded and complete the Honors Contract Process or survey designated by the College.
  3. In lieu of submitting a grade mode change using the Scheduling Assistant, please complete the following survey.  The Study Abroad Office will engage the College liaison to ensure approval has been granted for the H mode.
  4. The Study Abroad Office will record the H Mode Grade approval and ensure the course is documented on the student transcript appropriately after program completion.