Flight Options

The program leader needs to decide early in the planning process if travel (airfare, ground transportation, transportation at the program site) will or will not be arranged for the program participants and included in the program fee. There are various aspects of the program to consider when making this decision.

Option 1: International flight not included.

If the program will be located in one spot for the entire duration, it may be advisable to allow participants to make their own arrangements for traveling to and from the program site. Participants then have the flexibility to leave early, stay longer, use frequent flyer miles and generally be independent.

Option 2: Group flight included and billed by Purdue.

If the program will have multiple stops, several different methods of transportation and is short in duration OR if it is important that the group be together at all times, it is advisable to include the travel arrangements in the program fee. Work with your program provider or travel agency to purchase group airline tickets, reserve hotel rooms and book local transportation at reduced rates.

Option 3: Group flight outside the budget.

If you’d like your group to have the option of a group flight but do not want to include it in the budget, we recommend that you work with student travel agencies to make those arrangements.

  • If programs wish to organize a group flight, please note that many education providers now have the option to organize a flight for you.  We have also worked closely with the following student travel agencies in the past; ScholarTrip and StudentUniverse, each can arrange a group flight and either invoice your business office or bill the students directly.  Billing the student directly provides the security option of a group flight while providing more flexibility for the student.  They would be able to add deviations (connect with the group from various locations, adjust the itinerary adding personal travel time, etc.) and the travel agency would bill the student directly for any additional costs. please note these are only suggested agencies, you are welcome to work with any travel provider that can meet the needs of your program.
  • If you choose to have students fly independently, it may be beneficial to organize a group transport from the host country airport (informing students of transportation departure time) to the accommodations.  This will allow student to ensure their flight arrive in time to travel together to the housing facility.