J-2 Dependents 

J-2 dependents are defined as a spouse or an unmarried, minor child of a J-1.  A minor child is under the age of 21.

J-2 dependents:

  • may enter the US along with or after the J-1 nonimmigrant but never before
  • must have health insurance during the entire J-1's program (not just their stay in the US) that meets the US Dept of State requirements as listed in the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure.
  • may be employed with approval from USCIS in the form of an Employment Authorization card (also know as an EAD). Click here for application material and instructions (requires Adobe Acrobat). 
    • This card would be required before the J-2 could obtain a paid position at Purdue. 
    • The J-2 must enter the US before applying AND
    • Processing time for these applications is around 4 months.
  • may not be in a Visiting Scholar position even with an EAD card.
  • may attend classes at the university
  • may be admitted as a full-time degree seeking student
  • would be subject to the 212(e) Home Residence Rule if the J-1 is subject
  • would be subject to the 12 Month Bar if physically present in the US more than 6 months
  • may remain in the US after the J-1 departs if the J-1 scholars's departure is temporary. A J-1 scholar could temporarily depart for 21 days or less. However, non-personal reasons would allow a scholar to have a longer departure but be considered temporary.  Click here for a site discussing what constitutes a scholar's temporary departure.  Scroll down to the bullet point "If a scholar is outside of the US for over 21 days for personal reasons"

Inviting a J-2 Dependent

J-1 scholars may invite a spouse or unmarried child after arriving at Purdue University by the following method:

  1. Submitting a Visiting Scholar Request Form to ISS
  2. Providing evidence of financial support for the dependent(s) as stated on the request form in step 1.
  3. Providing a copy of the dependent(s) passport(s)
  4. Email intlscholars@purdue.edu to request instructions to submit the request
  5. Obtaining a Form DS 2019 from ISS that allows a dependent to enter the US

J-2 dependents apply for J-2 dependent visas at the US Embassy or Consulate with the Form DS 2019. When applying for a J-2 visa, an original or certified copy of a marriage (for spouse) or birth certificate (for child) must be submitted in addition to financial support.

Finally, once a J-2 has left the US and has no plans to return during the J-1's program, please report this departure to ISS, asking that the J-2 status be ended. J-1 scholars should email intlscholars@purdue.edu to report the end of a J-2's status.