Human Resources Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals For You

One Hour with HR


Learning sessions on various human resources topics geared toward both staff and supervisors. 


To offer monthly opportunities for staff and supervisors to both become better informed about relevant HR topics and connect with others.

Roll-out plan

Beginning in late September 2023, monthly sessions will be available. Both in-person and online learning opportunities will be offered. Sessions are not offered in August and December.

Schedule and Registration

Please note: Registration is currently available for September - November sessions. The January - July sessions will be open for registration after October. 

Throughout the highly interactive 1Hour workshop, participants will apply proven goal techniques and practice writing and editing individual and team goals.  At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will write performance goals that align the needs of staff, stakeholders, and the University.   


  • Discuss the benefits of strong performance goals and how to incorporate the needs of staff, stakeholders, and the university.
  • Identify the 4 characteristics found in all strong performance goals.
  • Practice identifying strong individual and team performance. 
  • Practice writing and editing individual and team performance goals.


This session will introduce you to our tools for both viewing and creating career paths. We’ll also go over ways you can gain experience to help you move forward on your career path. The supervisor session will review how to use these tools with your staff and support their career path.


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The goal of this session is to define the leave benefits employees have and review the resources available. Supervisors will learn to support their employees through these processes, since the employee may be experiencing a difficult personal time.


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The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. In this session, employees will learn how to pay attention to nonverbal communication and be active listeners. The presentation will also cover reviewing your own communication for improvement and participating in group or team communications. Supervisors will receive tips for coaching employees on these topics.

We’ll cover the options available to employees when seeking information on specific wellness topics, whether that’s counseling, improving your health, etc. Supervisors will receive coaching about how to approaching offering information about wellness topics – specifically counseling – to their team members.

We all want to be a valuable member of the team. This session will cover prioritizing tasks, clarifying roles and responsibilities and building trust. Supervisors will also learn about counseling and discipline procedures.

This session will take a deeper dive into the resources for remote/hybrid employees. We’ll cover the best tools for remote work, how to stay connected and how to manage your workload.

In this session, we’ll cover tactics from the book Difficult Conversations for the Workplace. You’ll learn to identify the three types of difficult conversations, as well as learning how to shift to a learning conversation to share perspectives and problem solve.

We’ll give you an overview of Purdue careers and offer advice on how to brand yourself, as well as resume tips.

This session will review best practices on onboarding from the perspective of the team member, as well as the supervisor. We’ll go over mentorship and how it should work for the employee’s first year.