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Telling Our Story - Why Purdue?

Employer Brand Initiative

During the next few months, Purdue University will partner with Brandemix to develop and implement an employer brand. As an employer of choice, it’s important to attract potential employees with the right skills – but it’s equally important to retain and engage the employees we have.

Whether it's a giant leap or a small step, dedicated staff members are behind it all, ensuring its success. Brandemix will help us share the values and culture of working at Purdue. This project will help us create recruitment materials that will attract the right kind of person for Purdue.

Your participation – sharing your story – will help us to tell Purdue’s story.

What is Talent Branding?

Brandemix provides a PowerPoint that quickly walks through the purpose and value of talent branding.

  • In essence, it is a highly emotive, social and public employer brand. It considers what people think, feel and share about our culture as a place to work. 
  • The value: it will help us attract new talent and retain our best talent.
  • Why it matters: we work in a competitive environment.

Our Phased Approach

Phase One – Research
  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Employee Survey
 Phase Two – Brand Development
  • A team combined of Brandemix and Purdue, including Marketing and Communications, will develop our employer brand.
  • The employer brand will complement Purdue’s overall brand, using the feedback gathered in Phase One to develop targeted content that reflects our values and culture.
  • Brandemix has created a presentation to display the framework and current vision based on the data collected in Phase One
 Phase Three – Brand Adoption
  • Update external Careers site
  • Update social media messaging
  • Update advertisement messaging

Career Success Story

We all have a story about what brought us to Purdue and what keeps us here. Whatever your success story may be, whether you have found your home department and are flourishing, or you are seeking a career path that can take you across the University, your work matters.

This is just one story. What is your story?