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New Rx Program Can Help You Save $$$ in 2020

What if we told you that you may be able to save hundreds per year in prescription costs?

Sound too good to be true? Not so with Rx Savings Solutions. They save their members an average $517 per year—and Purdue is partnering with them in 2020 to bring you the same sort of savings.

We are excited about this new partnership and believe you will find this to be an easy and convenient way to save on prescription costs. Last year, these costs were 21% of employees' total out-of-pocket spend, resulting in $6.1 million in expenses. The university’s prescription drug spend for the same time period was $26.3 million.

Rx Savings Solutions is a FREE, confidential program that works in conjunction with Purdue’s prescription coverage to provide personalized prescription guidance for every family member on your health plan.

Through the convenience of your mobile device or through an online portal, Rx Savings Solutions will automatically alert you if you are paying more than you need to for your prescription—and it will help you find other ways to get the same treatment for less money.

  • Locate better prices for your prescription drugs at pharmacies near you.
  • Identify different medications that perform the same as your current or prescribed medication, but with a lower out-of-pocket cost.
  • Search and compare prices and other options before being prescribed a new medication.
  • Speak with a certified pharmacy technician for personal assistance.

You can set up your free account beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

Watch this video that further describes this benefit.