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New Provider Network Added for Medical Plans in 2020

HealthSync focuses on value-based care
and strong provider-patient relationships.

Purdue’s 2020 benefit plans offer a smarter approach to healthcare—one that brings together quality care with choice, convenience and costeffectiveness. HealthSync is a key part of this new approach.

Things that work together, work better—like musicians in an orchestra playing their parts from a score of music under the direction of a leader. That’s how HealthSync works. It’s health care synchronized, with all the parts working together to orchestrate care delivery for better outcomes, better value, better health care.

HealthSync is the next step in Anthem’s investment in value-based care. When you see a provider in the HealthSync network, you will benefit from a more personalized approach to care. Physicians build strong relationships with their patients. And better relationships often mean better health.

With HealthSync, you receive:

Your health is important to us. We want you to receive personalized care from providers who are truly in sync with your health and well-being. We believe HealthSync is a great way to receive that care—where and when you need it.

What are the financial advantages of HealthSync?

HealthSync expenses work just like your current medical and prescription expenses do today but with a lower deductible, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum for you and your family. To see a side-by-side comparison of our medical plans, click here.

Maximize Your Savings

Your medical expenses will count toward your HealthSync and in-network deductible.

  • This includes charges from HealthSync providers, in-network Anthem
    providers and prescriptions.
  • Once you reach your HealthSync deductible, coinsurance for
    HealthSync providers is 90/10.
  • Once you reach your HealthSync out-of-pocket maximum, HealthSync
    providers will be covered 100%.
  • In-network providers and prescriptions will continue to apply toward your
    in-network deductible and in-network out-of-pocket maximum.


To find out which providers are in the HealthSync network, view the HealthSync Provider List. Here you will find a complete list of providers, including Purdue’s Center for Healthy Living located on the West Lafayette and Fort Wayne campuses.

With a more personalized approach for you and your family's health care, combined with lower expenses, the HealthSync network will provide you with a smarter approach to healthcare.

View our HealthSync FAQ