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Choosing the Right Medical Plan

We know employees appreciate having choices when it comes to their benefits—this is especially true with our medical plans.

The best medical plan for your coworker may not be the best one for you. So, it’s important to evaluate your situation and make a decision that works for you— and we’re here to help. Of course, we can’t tell you which plan to choose —only you can decide that. But we do have resources to help you.

A great place to start is our Choosing the Right Medical Plan video. This video explains what things you should consider when choosing a plan. It also gives a couple scenarios to show you how your healthcare costs may stack up under Purdue's plans.

Coosing The Right Medical Plan

After you’ve watched the video, another good step is to attend one of the live presentations or walk-in labs offered by the Purdue Benefits team. (See dates here). Beginning in mid-September, you will be able to set up one-on-one assistance with a member of the HR Service Center to discuss health plans or ask other questions. More details will be shared soon in regards to scheduling a one-on-one appointment.

The good news is whichever plan you choose, you’re getting great coverage, with free preventive care, from a wide network of providers.