HLA’s Welcome Back Bash – HLA Happenings

HLA’s Welcome Back Bash

4students posing for camera outdoors

The HLA Welcome Back Bash was a success despite the rain ending it earlier than planned.  Undergraduate students enjoyed the taco bar, cornhole, the photo booth, and bingo (with prizes!).  Thank you to Robin Tribbet, Gloribel Rosales-Burdin, Ashley Breed, Pam Fisher, Kyle Daniel, Kirby Kalbaugh, Mike Dana, Kathryn Orvis, Steve Hallett, Josh Widhalm, Cale Bigelow, Theoneste Nzaranyimana, and Yiwei Huang for helping out and attending.  We are also extremely grateful for the undergraduate students who stayed and helped clean up before the rain hit.

Two faculty members in photobooth

two students in photobooth

students posing for camera wearing items from photobooth

students playing cornhole

students sitting at tables eating

students playing bingo

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