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HLA Fall Seminar: Dr. Senay Simsek

Photo of Dr. Senay Simsek

Dr. Senay Simsek, Department Head and Professor; Department of Food Sciences, Purdue University
“Overview of the Food Science Department at Purdue”
Thursday September 22, at 3:30pm, HORT 117 or join via Zoom.

Abstract: Imagine a world. . .Where all of the earth’s raw agricultural products are utilized for nourishing every human being, imagine turning those raw agricultural products into safe, shelf-stable, great-tasting foods and beverages that every human being can afford and access. Imagine you helping to create this world. The Food Science department has a comprehensive program with research areas focused on food chemistry, food for health, food safety, and food processing. My research focuses on food chemistry and food for health from the perspective of structure-function relationships of grain and food carbohydrates. By delving deep to determine the structural components of grains, foods, and their by-products, value-added revenue streams can be created for agriculture and food industries.

As a part of the College of Agriculture with the mission of the 21st century Land Grant University, the Department of Food Science is a strategic partner to create a bridge for collaboration and interdepartmental research.

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