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Brody Piel Steps Outside Comfort Zone with Internship

Brody pushing a sprayer across the golf course.

“Take an internship/study abroad somewhere you are not familiar with but are interested in exploring! Stepping outside your comfort zone is the best way to grow your knowledge in whatever it is that you are passionate about!”

Brody Piel (Junior/Turf Management and Science) is spending the summer working for the Charlotte Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. Watching everything he has learned in the classroom being put to use in the real world has been very rewarding. He is also learning about calibrating sprayers, mixing chemical tanks properly, applying chemicals, and many other things.

But working in different climate zone can bring some challenges and new knowledge. “Living in a new environment with different plants to become familiar with. It requires different agronomic practices than I have been previously exposed to, which has expanded my knowledge in the field!”

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