Arrival of Freight Farm Growing Containers – HLA Happenings

Arrival of Freight Farm Growing Containers

Three shipping container boxes delivered to the Purdue Student Farm where they will be used to grow lettuce year-round.

Photo by Tom Campbell.

Monday, April 29, was a very exciting day for HLA and the Purdue Student Farm. Two Freight Farm growing containers and a cooler container were delivered and installed at the Purdue Student Farm. What are Freight Farm growing containers? They are a controlled environment agriculture system that gives you complete control of all production elements. The shipping container farms will make it possible to grow delicious food 365 days a year. They will also be used to facilitate graduate student research.

Crane putting Freight Farm container in place.

Photo by Leanne McGiveron.

Chris Adair and Brittany Weerts open the containers

Photo by Tom Campbell.

Brittany Weerts inside Freight Farm container.

Photo by Tom Campbell.


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