Graduate Bridge Program

Graduate Bridge is for domestic graduate students who will bring diverse perspectives, abilities, backgrounds, and experiences to Purdue University and who are likely to particularly benefit from an early start to their research and belonging to a diverse and supportive community of scholars.

This five-week program will help Bridge Scholars ease their academic transition by an early immersion into their programs, home departments or schools; an introduction to key resources and professional development opportunities, and a potential jump start on their research or on learning new skills that will help them conduct research. Bridge Scholars will benefit from a cohort experience that allows them to develop strong, cross-disciplinary bonds with each other. The cohort experience will also contribute to a sense of community and belonging as well as a large peer support network that Scholars would be unlikely to develop on their own. They will also benefit from mentoring relationships with OGDI staff involved in the program.

Bridge Scholars are expected to work no more than 20 hours per week on research-based activities during the early start program. They are also expected to participate in a mandatory three-credit orientation and professional development course led by OGDI personnel that will include completing an individualized development plan (IDP)


  • U.S. citizens, Lawful permanent resident, Refugee, or Asylee that have been accepted into a Purdue University Graduate program for the Fall 2024 Semester.
  • Applicants who are first-generation, military veterans, Pell Grant recipients, were part of McNair, LSAMP or TRIO program, or have attended a minority-serving institution are particularly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

The application process is composed of two steps:
  1. Faculty advisors must nominate students by sending a letter of recommendation to The letter must contain the following:
    • Clear research goals and metrics for the student to accomplish during the program. The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars does not expect all Scholars to finish a research project in five weeks. Completing a literature review, assisting a more senior graduate student or postdoc conduct research, learning how to operate key equipment and follow lab protocols, contributing to data collection and analyses, etc., are examples of possible goals.
    • A description of how the Scholar will be mentored/supervised during the summer program including any additional key personnel who will be involved in mentoring and supervision. Please indicate if mentoring/supervision be primarily in person or virtually. We recommend that the faculty mentor or their designee meet weekly with their Scholar.
    • A cost-share commitment for 50% of the costs of the program. This commitment can be shared by the research advisor, Department or School, and College.
  2. Nominated students will then be asked to fill out an application.

Students are encouraged to contact their research advisor to start the process.


  • A summer stipend
  • Partial support lodging and moving expenses
  • A graduate student mentor
  • A cohort experience that will allow to develop strong, cross-disciplinary bonds with each other. This will also allow for a sense of community and belonging. 
  • Mentoring relationships with OGSPS staff involved in the program  

Program Dates

July 8, 2024 to August 9, 2024

Application portal closes: May 10, 2024