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Research Overview

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RCHE's research focuses on achieving the Institute of Medicine's six aims: Care that is patient-centered, safe, equitable, efficient, effective, and timely.

These aims are pursued through research in priority focus areas, as well as by encouraging select innovative projects outside of the focus areas.


Research model

While the diagnosis and treatment of patients must remain in the hands of healthcare professionals, the application of engineering, management, and scientific principles has the potential to reshape the healthcare delivery landscape as they have in many non-healthcare industries.

The Regenstrief Center uses a model of the healthcare system to illustrate its four main research categories on system performance. A majority of the Regenstrief Center’s current projects focus on the system’s capacity to provide primary care and chronic care and to support leading practices across healthcare settings.

  1. The interaction between the patient and providers
  2. Patient care processes (i.e., care episodes and cycles)
  3. Patient care outcomes
  4. System support (i.e., supply and service processes necessary to provide care)
hc model
[Above: The Integrated Model of Healthcare Delivery. By S. M. Witz and K. J. Musselman.]

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Applying academic research to transform healthcare delivery.

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