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How to work with RCHE

There are many ways to work with the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering. Monthly meetings and bi-annual conferences are excellent opportunities for networking and learning about research initiatives, and are open to the public. 

Collaboration opportunities for:



Undergraduate Student Research

RCHE participates in the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship program (DURI), which places students in Discovery Park centers to do research. As part of the program, students are required to attend a seminar class, complete assignments, and participate in an end-of-year poster show. For more information about applying for the DURI program, please click here.


Graduate Student Research

Graduate students conducting research with RCHE do so most often under the auspices of a faculty member in their field of study who is working with the center on a project. If you are a graduate student interested in healthcare delivery research, please consult our list of affiliated faculty members and contact one in your field to see if they have an active project with us. This is the best way to find a project that fits with your interests.



Become an affiliated faculty or staff member

Affiliated faculty and staff have designated a specific interest in RCHE research areas. They receive the quarterly e-newsletter and announcements about meetings or conferences. Affiliated faculty list RCHE as an affiliate on their research proposals; however, RCHE does not take any of the grant money awarded to affiliated faculty. Publications by affiliated faculty are listed in e-pubs, RCHE's electronic database of publications.

Sign up to be an affiliated faculty member


Submit a proposal to RCHE

RCHE funds select faculty projects in center areas of focus. Faculty with interests similar to RCHE's may submit a proposal for a project to be funded. For more information, please contact Ken Musselman.


Companies, organizations, or health providers

Become an RCHE partner

RCHE works with partners to develop research projects based on areas of mutual interest. For each project, RCHE taps a team of researchers with expertise best suited. Partners are provided with periodic reports and a final report. The results of the research are often submitted for publication in academic journals. For more information, please contact Ken Musselman.

Develop research projects

RCHE develops concepts for research projects in cooperation with partners, which include companies, organizations, and health providers. Please note that RCHE does not provide consulting services.

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