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REMEDI Research

Researchers at Purdue University – and beyond – leverage the data and the community to improve patient and medication safety.

A representative sample of our publications

  • DeLaurentis, Poching, Kang-Yu Hsu, and Yuval Bitan (2018). Prevalence of wireless smart-pump drug library update delays. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. June 2018.
  • Harris, P.R., S. Strickland, R. Zink, M.N. Flack, AAMI Ventilator Alarms Workgroup (2018). The Mechanical Ventilator Alarm Default Setting Project. American Thoracic Society 2018 International Conference: Poster Session B53: Enhancing Practice Environments, Patient Safety, and Outcomes. May 2018.
  • Yu, Denny, Kang-Yu Hsu, Joon Hong Kim, and Poching DeLaurentis (2017). Infusion pump informatics approach to quantify impact of alerts and alarms on healthcare delivery. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. Vol 61, Issue 1, pp. 681-685. September 2017.
  • Giuliano, Karen, Wan-Ting Su, Daniel Degnan, Kristy Fitzgerald, Richard Zink, and Poching DeLaurentis (2017). Intravenous Smart Pump Drug Library Compliance: A Descriptive Study of 44 Hospitals. Journal of Patient Safety. June 2017.
  • Zentner, Michael and Richard Zink (2017). HUBzero and CatalyzeCare: A community driven platform for data sharing and collaboration in medical informatics research. PeerJ PrePrints. 5:e2819v1. February 2017. .
  • DeLaurentis, Poching, Kang-Yu Hsu, Ana Isabel Hoz De la Armenta, and Yuval Bitan (2016). Investigating Delays in Updates to Infusion Pump Drug Limit Libraries. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings. 2016:490-495. November 2016.
  • Ding, Yan Ni, Denny Yu, Poching DeLaurentis, Joon Hong Kim, and Kang-Yu Hsu (2016). Leveraging Smart Pump Data for Workflow, Patient Care and Usability Improvement in Human Factors. Purdue University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium, West Lafayette, Indiana. August 2016.
  • Catlin, Ann Christine, William Malloy, Karen Arthur, Cindy Gaston, James Young, Sudheera Fernando, and Ruchith Fernando (2015). Comparative analytics of infusion pump data across multiple hospital systems. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. Vol 72, Issue 4, pp. 317-324. February 2015.
  • Witz, Steve, Natalie Buening, Ann Christine Catlin, William Malloy, Julie Kindsfater, Todd Walroth, Alana Washington, and Richard Zink (2014). Using Informatics to Improve Medical Device Safety and Systems Thinking. Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology: Connecting the Dots. Vol 48, No. s2, pp. 38-43. Fall 2014.