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SWAT Application in the Arequipa Region - Aplicación de SWAT en la Region de Arequipa

March 21, 2019

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Universida Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa
Organized by the Arequipa Nexus Institute
Sustainable Water Management Project


  • Dr. Jane Frankenberger, Profesor de ingeniería agrícola y biológica
  • Dr. Fariborz Daneshvar, investigador senior, ingeniería agrícola y biológica
  • Dr. Laura Bowling, Profesor de agronomía
  • Inga. Katy Mazer, Coordinador de proyectos de gestión sostenible del agua.

Goals of workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of setting up and running SWAT, including reservoir watersheds.
  • Understand what data sources are appropriate and how to obtain and prepare them.
  • Be able to analyze outputs and be familiar with ways to improve results.
  • Have shared ideas for applications of SWAT for water management in the Arequipa region.
  • Understand how to continue to learn in the future.



Tim Filley

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Gustavo Polanco

Henry Gustavo Polanco Cornejo
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