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Prepare for Initial Meeting

Mathematical Sciences building

All Data Science Consulting Service (DSCS) consultations begin with a formal Initial Meeting. This meeting includes the new client, the client's major professor (for clients who are students), the DSCS consultant and a faculty member of the DSCS.

The purpose of this meeting is to explain the research methods and goals to the consultant. The consultant must learn enough about your project to effectively help with the design of the research or analysis of the data.

Initial Meetings take place in the Mathematical Sciences Building (MATH), which is located north of Beering Hall (BRNG) on University Street. Meetings are generally in Room G162 or Room 431.

Important Information

For students using the service, we require that the major professor or research sponsor attend the initial meeting. We have found that initial meetings are most productive when the student, advisor, consultant and DSCS faculty member are present. If your major professor or research sponsor is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, please inform your consultant so that the meeting can be rescheduled.

You can prepare for the initial meeting by bringing along (or emailing ahead) any information that will help the consultant understand your research. Please be prepared to discuss the following items:

  • research objectives
  • hypotheses
  • design issues
  • data collection methods
  • progress to date
  • time constraints
  • other concerns that you have

We will get an overview of the project and decide upon a general approach for the analysis. Your consultant will arrange for additional meetings as necessary, and will also be available to answer questions by phone and email; a follow-up meeting with your advisor and the DSCS faculty advisor may be scheduled.

Please note that the Data Science Consulting service operates ONLY during the Spring, Fall and Summer semesters. No assistance is available during Maymester, between semesters, on official University holidays, or during exam weeks.

Applications received during the last two weeks of a semester are held until the start of the following semester. Please be aware of this and apply for consulting services early.