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Becoming a Data Science Consultant

The Data Science Consulting Service (DSCS) hires undergraduate and graduate students from departments within the College of Science, we welcome students with strong Data Science interest to apply.

Job Requirements

Consultants work 8-10 hours per week for the DSCS. They must attend the weekly staff meetings and make a presentation at one of the staff meetings. In addition, they meet with clients and assist them with their projects. Finally, consultants are required to submit reports documenting their consultations.

Consultants should be proficient in Python programming and data structures and algorithms. They are required to know how to use the data science and machine learning softwares (R, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Pandas, SQL, etc.) and should be experienced with data cleaning. They also must have good verbal and written communication skills. International students must pass the Oral English Proficiency Test (OEPT) or the Total Spoken English Exam (TSE).

Course Requirements

Applicants must complete at least two of the following courses:

The students who have completed more than three courses with good records (A-/A) will be more competitive to be selected.

Application Procedure

Consultants are hired each Spring, Summer and Fall semester. In general, there are openings each semester. Recruitment for the upcoming semester will begin about halfway through the preceding semester. Interested students should complete the application and contact the DSCS Director, Guang Lin by email or call (765) 494-1965. Assignments are finalized about a month before the end of each semester, so it is important to apply early.

Students will not be considered for consultant positions until all documentation has been received. The ncessary documentation is:

  • An application (PDF)
  • A letter from the major professor (if the applicant is a Ph.D. student).

Please submit all materials to the DSCS Director, Guang Lin by email. An interview will be arranged when the application is complete.